Slice of life writing challenge - Day 9

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Dundern rink was packed with mostly Allan fans. It was game 3 in a best of 5 series and Allan is up by 2 games. If they win this one they would be the League Champs. (Equivalent to getting the Stanley Cup :) )

The score was 0-0 through most of the first period. Allan usually gets scored on first and that seemed to be working the last 8 games. Pucks were flying everywhere in front of the net. Goalies were stopping everything until someone (can't remember who) got one past Dundurns goalie making the score 1-0 for Allan. They had changed the start of the game, were they still going to win?

2nd period

Things got intense as Dundurn scored 2 unanswered goals. The score is now 2-1 for Dudurn. That was all the scoring in the second, Allan had to come back and win this game.

3rd period

Thompson tied things up early in the third period. Then things got dirty when Kourtney scored a power play goal from the blue line. Everyone was watching the puck as it flew through the air and hit top corner then when we looked back Kourtney was laying on the ice. He had taken a vicious knee to the ribs and was forced to leave the game on the back board. The team was even more inspired now to win this game.

Kalsey put home the 4th goal which turned out to be the game winner. The Thompson added an empty net goal to seal the deal. Dundurn scored one more late goal but it was not enough.

The last few minutes and balcony looking down on the ice was singing "Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Good-bye" to the other team as their chance to hold on to the game slipped away and Allan claimed victory.

The countdown was on 5-4-3-2-1 and the rink exploded and all the players jumped onto the ice. Allan Flames are Wheatland League Champs 2007/2008!

Everyone went into the tiny and smelly dressing room to celebrate with champagne from the cup of glory. Daryl collected the winning puck to take home to put in the display case at the hometown "Hilton". The girls were kicked out of the dressing room so the boys could shower and the convoy started off to Allan for the celebration. We stood outside the "Hilton" waiting for Evy to come home from BINGO to open the bar. The V.I.P.'s were finally let in and the pool table , jukebox and shuffle board started. After a few the shaving party started. Starting with the trainer, Steve Bradford buzzed his critically acclaimed moustache. Then all of Steves hair was on the floor and he looked like a mean biker with his beard. Then the line up of head shaving continued with Kelly, The Halmiltion Brothers, Derrek, and the beards of several players were turned into bad moustaches. Of course all captured on digital pixels to make the collage for this year.

The party was still going when we left so many more stories may follow this adventure of the amazing winning team of the Allan Flames.

Great job guys! You deserve it.

***If any of these facts are incorrect please notify me and I will edit my story. Thanks.

***More photos to come
***Co wrote by Justin Boehm