Slice of life writing challenge - Day 30

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Wow where did this month go?
I have really enjoyed this challenge. Cheers to the ladies at Two Writing Teachers for helping me make my challenge to write everyday this month a reality. It had got me back into the habit and I am very grateful.

Now on to next months challenge: We bought an elliptical and I have all this other exercise equipment at home--weights, bands etc so I have made a workout plan for the month of April which I am going to start tomorrow. So hopefully it all goes well. I'm not really looking to lose weight- I want to get stronger and just build up my cardio.

I also signed up for a creative writing class that starts the second week of April. That is going to be a challenge for me because I sometimes struggle with the "creative" side of thing--but I'm looking forward to it.

and of course the dreaded finals! Always challenging!

I'm looking forward to continuing to write my "slice of lifes" and reading everyone elses.