Slice of life writing challenge - Day 12

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Dear Ashley,

I'm glad you wrote yesterday, it was nice to hear from you. Yes I am always busy, but it makes the days go by quickly and I enjoy my work. So do not rush through next time, I always have time to listen.

It's okay to be nervous about the future, the future is unknown and a path you have no directions to. But that is the best part of life my dear, making your own path, traveling where you want to go, where your heart and head take you. I hope you just start on that path and do not spend any more time looking for faith because the faith is inside you. It has always been inside you, you never lost it you just are hiding it right now because you are scared. Use that fear to push yourself through this challenge and rise to the top.

Ashley I have watched you grow tremendously in the past four years. You are ready to live your dreams, you are ready to make things happen. Don't jump walk to the edge, run as fast as you can and jump. The journey down will be just as great as the destination you land on. Believe in yourself, because you have so many people around you to help. Talk to you soon.

From X


Jane said...

Lovely advice. This challenge is so endearing.

Kevin said...

Very touching.

GirlGriot said...

I must be busy, too, so far behind in my slice reading that I missed your letter from yesterday. I really like the call-and-response of these two posts. Nice.