Slice of life writing challenge - Day 27

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Typing away on my computer, analyzing a law case about education trying frantically to make this paper make sense, to make my head wrap around the assignment when *buzz buzz buzz* my cellphone notifies me that I have a text message.
It's from Armada, a girl I go to school with wanting to know if I wanted to go to the meet and greet with the Foo Fighters in an hour. Of course I do! So I text her back asking her where we are meeting and go and change and clean up and think about supper all at the same time.
I get out the door and my satellite radio is playing a Foo Fighters song--how convenient. Traffic in this city stinks--especially on Circle Drive. I was really wishing that I had a plane car and could fly over everyone else, but I made it to Sask Place on time. There was a lot of waiting, in the lobby, then downstairs in the underground, secret parts of saskplace in a curtained off area with a fake plant and uncomfortable chairs. We continued to wait with the others who were there to meet and greet the band, made small talk about the band, the Saskatchewan Rough Riders etc. Finally Tyler Hawkins the drummer comes in wearing Adidas track pants and a worn out t-shirt. The other members come out the side door looking more put together then Tyler. No lead singer- Dave. They came around to us and signed one thing a person and then we got our pictures taken in pairs. It was rushed, but still fun. I wonder what they are thinking when they do things like that??

On the drive home--again painfully slow. I am following a guy with a mattress and box spring in the back of his truck-- I don't notice at first but he does not have it secured down with anything. We are going over the College Overpass and I am signalling to get off of the overpass when the mattress comes flying off the back and the truck and I swerve so the mattress does not hit my car and I don't drive over it. The truck just kept on going--not even sure if he saw what happened. Anyways I am safe from flying mattresses.

That is a slice of my life today---back to making supper and writing my paper.


BK said...

A busy life you lead Ashley. It's good that you can make time to add in something exciting and you can document it here.
It will be a great memory when your life is different in the future. Maybe less spontaneous.
Good to suck as much out now as possible. Do we get to see a photo?

GirlGriot said...

Fun that you went to the meet and greet (although, I'm with you: what do bands -- or any celebs -- think about those events?). So glad you weren't hit by the flying mattress!