Slice of life writing challenge- Day 22

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Grocery shopping 8 pm on a Saturday night----oh the lifestyle of a 21 year old! ha ha
Justin and I like to plan our suppers a week in advance because of our busy lifestyle and tomorrow is Easter Sunday filled with church and more family gatherings so we decided to go grocery shopping tonight. Flying through the grocery store getting everything on our list in the shortest time possible! Justin hates that I tie the bags we put our veggies and fruit in and he uses twist ties. We both went searching for different things to get done faster and always bring things to the cart that were not on the list. I think Saturday night is the best grocery shopping time. There were not many people in the store and no lines at the tills. Our Sunday after church shopping is pretty busy and the lines are always long.
I hated grocery shopping as a kid. I felt like I was being dragged around the store by my mom and she never let me buy all the yummy stuff. Now as an "adult" I find myself buying the stuff that is good for you anyways. Funny how that works! Ice cream always ends up in the cart but I can't live without it!
I toast Saturday night grocery shopping---it keeps us out of trouble.


Jane said...

Off peak grocery shopping can be fun. It's a neat bonding experience to do chores together. I can relate to different styles of bagging!
Happy Easter!

Kevin said...

I actually enjoy grocery shopping with our three year old -- and those little red car/carts for kids are a wonder. He "drives" us around the store as I make sound effects. The old ladies run from us!


GirlGriot said...

I agree about the 'off peak' shopping. In college a friend and I used to drive to the 24 hour store and shop after midnight! That was a crazy time in the market, I can tell you (all those insomniacs and folks with late-night munchies!), but we never had to wait on line!