Slice of life writing challenge - Day 23

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Laying in bed this morning I ask Justin if he heard the Easter Bunny sneak into our house last night. He just smiles and says no. I continue on with my story about how I think he got scared by the alarm and just through the eggs all over the house. A couple minutes later he gets up to go to the washroom. Our bedroom is in the basement right beside the stairs that go upstairs. On the way back to the bedroom I see the door open a bit then pause....he opens the door laughing and smiling saying that the Easter Bunny did come to our house and left eggs all the way up the stairs. I try and not giggle and ask lots of questions about what kind of eggs? Where do they go? But I can't help it and I burst out laughing. He gives me a huge hug and kiss and says I'm awesome.
Did he really think I was not going to have the Easter bunny at our house. He said that the Easter bunny is for kids and I told him that he was my kid. haha

We eventually get out of bed to eat breakfast and collect all the eggs in the trail to a basket of eggs on the table. Inside the plastic eggs were chocolate eggs so we started our breakfast off with a chocolate egg appetizer.


Kevin said...

Playfulness keeps us young.

BK said...

I love the combination of writing and images again.
Ashley, you beat Kevin today.

GirlGriot said...

Great slice! I love that you illustrated it with photos, and that your breakfast started with cholocate eggs!

Blink said...

Catching up on my comments... the sequence of photos adds to your text! nice slice.