Slice of life writing challenge - Day 13

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Sitting in my favorite chair this afternoon, with clipboard in hand, writing away about the power of writing for my essay due next week. Maybe the chair was too comfy and the blanket just too perfect for a nap but I decided to just close my eyes for 10 mins then get back at the paper.

I drifted fast into dream land and an hour later was woken up my "Thunderstruck" by AC DC ringing on my phone. I try and wriggle out of the cocoon I had wrapped myself up in to answer my brother on the phone.

"Hey- Is Justin home?"
Not like he would want to come visit his sister just her fiance now! haha
I replied no he would be home in an hour.
"Oh well I'll come by and show you the sweet ball glove I got today"

I jumped out of my hair, my hair is a mess and I have an imprint of my hand on my face. Crap I was going to make potatoes for supper and the meat isn't ready and I don't have enough time. I decided to go the BBQ way but the lighter was broken so I am searching for matches as my brother shows up to show me his glove. I could probably fit both my hands and a foot in it. ITS HUGE!! He is pretty excited about ball season. I am getting excited too. I miss spending time with Adam and this way we get to see each other for sure every week!!

I finally found matches and got the pork chops on the BBQ, was inside trying to make salad, veggies and a pasta side. Somehow it all came together and it was very tasty. My hair is still a mess and I am going to move back to my favorite chair to do more writing.


BK said...

Great step by step writing here. I'm right in it with you.

GirlGriot said...

I love how your brother's self-invite suddenly reminds you of a dozen things you wanted/needed to do. That's how my brain works all the time!

Kevin said...

I like the family connections.
And baseball will soon be the rage in my house. Basketball ended for the boys and now it is on to the diamond for the next seven months (or so) -- they play ball from April to November in one form or another.