R.I.P. Elvis the Fish

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Our fish had been sick for a quite a while. He was not swimming and not eating. I always said we should just let him go but I didn't want to. I had become attached to our little guy. We had a calendar by his bowl to mark when he was fed because at one point he was being fed 3 times a day or not at all. I bought him new rocks for his bowl and some grass for him to hide in. But today I just couldn't take watching him lay there and look sad so Justin and I said good-bye to our fish and flushed him down the toilet. He was really my first ever pet, even though I only really adopted him because Justin had him before I met him. I was sad to watch him go, but I'm excited to have another little fish join our life. We are going fish shopping on Friday. Maybe I can convince Justin to buy a turtle!! :)

Thanks Elvis for making me smile when you would play hide and seek in your grass. I will miss you!