Slice of Life writing Challenge- Day 14

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Welcome Elvis the Second to our home!

I was very sad when we had to say goodbye to Elvis the First and our fish bowl/vase lol was looking so lonely and empty I really wanted to get a new fish and maybe a turtle! :P

We went down to the pet store last night about 10 minutes before it was closing. They didn't have any turtles but a TON of Beta fish. I think I picked up every container to see which fish I wanted to make my new friend.  I picked this fish because he was colourful and I fell in love with his tail.

On the drive home I sat there talking to my fish as Justin sat in the drivers seat laughing at me. We argued over what to call him---Elvis the Second (my idea) and Elvis the Third (Justin's idea) I told him you can't skip a number! But he thinks Elvis the Third sounds better. We settled on Elvis the Second, even though he will probably just get called Elvis. We need to get another calendar to put by his bowl so we know when he was fed because the last fish sometimes would get fed by everyone that day or by no one for multiple days.

I spent sometime today just watching Elvis swim around. He is bigger then the original Elvis. I enjoyed watching him swim around and around and through the grass. He is a fast swimmer. His tail and fins are hair like and they look like ribbon. When the light hits him just so he changes colour from blue/purple to red. It is beautiful. I felt very relaxed watching him. I grabbed my camera and took a couple shots of him. My favourite one is the one from the top of his bowl. I hope he has a long happy life in our home. When we move to our acreage I can get my cats! But in the meantime I'll just have fish.

IMGP1379 IMGP1378



Kevin said...

Can Elvis shake, rattle and roll?
I like that name.

Now, I am sure you mean Elvis Costello, right?

(just kidding)


Blink said...

With a little Memphis blues- Thank you very mu-uch! Fun post.

Jane Swanson said...

Beautiful photos and a great read!
Have fun with Elvis!
~jane S

GirlGriot said...

Welcome, Elvis! He's beautiful ... Beta fish are really lovely.