Slice of life writing challenge - Day 31

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sweat dripping down my forehead, heavy breathing and heartbeat pounding. I want to stop and get a drink of water but I'm pushing through the set of punches.
I say in my head, jab, jab, cross, cross, hook, hook, upper, upper, jab, jab, cross...... to keep me on time with the beat of the music, knees bent toe turning, looking where I punch.
Me and 8 other women kick and punch for 55 mins. Me I kick and punch out the stress and my frustrations and when it's over I feel stronger, powerful--ready to take on the world.
I started taking kickboxing back when I was in high school-- a couple guys would come out to my hometown and we would work out in the school gym. In those classes though it was real kickboxing where we learned to "fight" each other. We spared and had mats that your partner would hold and you would kick. I left with bruises all over. Now I take exercise kickboxing kicking mats just the air. It is my absolute favorite form of exercise. My legs and arms are going to kill tomorrow but I can't wait till next Mondays class.

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 30

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Wow where did this month go?
I have really enjoyed this challenge. Cheers to the ladies at Two Writing Teachers for helping me make my challenge to write everyday this month a reality. It had got me back into the habit and I am very grateful.

Now on to next months challenge: We bought an elliptical and I have all this other exercise equipment at home--weights, bands etc so I have made a workout plan for the month of April which I am going to start tomorrow. So hopefully it all goes well. I'm not really looking to lose weight- I want to get stronger and just build up my cardio.

I also signed up for a creative writing class that starts the second week of April. That is going to be a challenge for me because I sometimes struggle with the "creative" side of thing--but I'm looking forward to it.

and of course the dreaded finals! Always challenging!

I'm looking forward to continuing to write my "slice of lifes" and reading everyone elses.

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 29

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Another late post! I have no idea where yesterday went!

Lazy lazy Saturday morning, laying in bed enjoying the sounds of the house creaking as its unthawing from the winter. Justin brings me my Eggo's to bed where I em attempting to write "Morning Pages" in my journal. Breakfast in bed always tastes better. We spend the morning just hanging out--Justin reading Friday's paper and doing the Sudoku puzzle. Our goal today to test dive a car.
We were looking at the Acura TSX which is really out of our price range but Justin really wanted to drive one. When we got to the dealership they had a Acura EL. Black, fully loaded, leather interior, seat warmer :), sun roof!! it was nice. We took it for a spin and both really liked it.
We have a list of 6 different cars we need to narrow it down to just a couple. I know NOTHING about cars! lol Well i know how to drive one but engines and all that stuff---over my head.
After car driving we went my my little cousin Tylers birthday- he was turning 5. It was fun to visit with that part of my family and I love seeing my little cousins. They are just adorable. Tyler was so cute opening his presents he posed with each present after to get his picture taken. He got some awesome toys---all of which required batteries. So Justin and I were opening up all the backs and putting batteries in everything all at once! I also got my first real taste of Guitar hero! My hand hurt after only playing a couple songs but I'm addicted and really want to get my own guitar hero!! :)
At 6:15 Justin and I were late to head out to Allan for his hockey banquet. We sped out to Allan for a really great supper and awards and dancing (not so much dancing though). I was so cold I never took off my jackets and when we got home at midnight I crawled into bed and crashed! I think I'm starting to get sick.

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 28

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A little late I know...last night I was not moving towards a computer after sitting in front of one all day. After supper last night I became glued to the couch with a headache and went to bed early.
Yesterday I rewrote my entire case analysis paper. It really needed a complete rewrite. I need a conclusion still but I feel much better about it now. Seriously if I wanted to write about law I would have been a lawyer.
My friend Steph came over and brought me Timmy Ho's! No donuts because their oven was broken....did you know they make all the donut in Ontario freeze them and ship them all over the country- How sad I thought I was getting a fresh donut haha. Neither of us won on the Roll up the Rim to win either---I'm starting to think Tims just uses this to get more people to drink their addictive coffee!
I read some Harry Potter, I skimmed Nanice Atwell "In the Middle", and did some knitting.
I also burnt some Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins- Justin thinks they are still good but I am dissapointed...
That was my day!

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 27

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Typing away on my computer, analyzing a law case about education trying frantically to make this paper make sense, to make my head wrap around the assignment when *buzz buzz buzz* my cellphone notifies me that I have a text message.
It's from Armada, a girl I go to school with wanting to know if I wanted to go to the meet and greet with the Foo Fighters in an hour. Of course I do! So I text her back asking her where we are meeting and go and change and clean up and think about supper all at the same time.
I get out the door and my satellite radio is playing a Foo Fighters song--how convenient. Traffic in this city stinks--especially on Circle Drive. I was really wishing that I had a plane car and could fly over everyone else, but I made it to Sask Place on time. There was a lot of waiting, in the lobby, then downstairs in the underground, secret parts of saskplace in a curtained off area with a fake plant and uncomfortable chairs. We continued to wait with the others who were there to meet and greet the band, made small talk about the band, the Saskatchewan Rough Riders etc. Finally Tyler Hawkins the drummer comes in wearing Adidas track pants and a worn out t-shirt. The other members come out the side door looking more put together then Tyler. No lead singer- Dave. They came around to us and signed one thing a person and then we got our pictures taken in pairs. It was rushed, but still fun. I wonder what they are thinking when they do things like that??

On the drive home--again painfully slow. I am following a guy with a mattress and box spring in the back of his truck-- I don't notice at first but he does not have it secured down with anything. We are going over the College Overpass and I am signalling to get off of the overpass when the mattress comes flying off the back and the truck and I swerve so the mattress does not hit my car and I don't drive over it. The truck just kept on going--not even sure if he saw what happened. Anyways I am safe from flying mattresses.

That is a slice of my life today---back to making supper and writing my paper.

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 26

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Mind blocked today with all the concentration on my essay so I decided to pull out my magnetic poetry!

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 25

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I am 2 assignments, 5 finals, and 7 days of class away from being done my University career. While I won't officially recieve my diplomia till the end of May my days spent on campus are coming to an end and as much as I am ready to go out into "The REAL WORLD" I would go back and live these four year all over again.

I spent the summer before going to University crying and not wanting to go, scared that it would be too hard, and I would not do good and that I would not make any friends. Looking back I was so wrong. University was not easy, it was challenging and I learned so much about the history of my country, how to cram, how to procrastinate (like right now!), art history and painting, how to play beer pong. I did pretty good in all my classes, good enough to get me into the college of Education---my biggest accomplishment, my dream come true. Most importantly I made some amazing friends, people who have inspired me and helped me through the best and worst four years. Thank you everyone.

I know over the next month or so I will be doing more and more reflecting as my time here at school comes to an end in the meantime I leave with with a quote about "the end" of things.

This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”- Winston Churchill

Slice of life writing challenge- Day 24

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It was a long day at school and the long weekend had made me very tired. I had gotten home later then usual and was working on my second last assignment when Justin came in the door carrying bouqet of flowers.
"What are these for?"
"Just because" he said.
They are purple orchids. He has been going to the flower shop almost every 2 weeks trying to find them, and today he finally did. Thanks for the flowers my love. You made my day. :)

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 23

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Laying in bed this morning I ask Justin if he heard the Easter Bunny sneak into our house last night. He just smiles and says no. I continue on with my story about how I think he got scared by the alarm and just through the eggs all over the house. A couple minutes later he gets up to go to the washroom. Our bedroom is in the basement right beside the stairs that go upstairs. On the way back to the bedroom I see the door open a bit then pause....he opens the door laughing and smiling saying that the Easter Bunny did come to our house and left eggs all the way up the stairs. I try and not giggle and ask lots of questions about what kind of eggs? Where do they go? But I can't help it and I burst out laughing. He gives me a huge hug and kiss and says I'm awesome.
Did he really think I was not going to have the Easter bunny at our house. He said that the Easter bunny is for kids and I told him that he was my kid. haha

We eventually get out of bed to eat breakfast and collect all the eggs in the trail to a basket of eggs on the table. Inside the plastic eggs were chocolate eggs so we started our breakfast off with a chocolate egg appetizer.

Slice of life writing challenge- Day 22

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Grocery shopping 8 pm on a Saturday night----oh the lifestyle of a 21 year old! ha ha
Justin and I like to plan our suppers a week in advance because of our busy lifestyle and tomorrow is Easter Sunday filled with church and more family gatherings so we decided to go grocery shopping tonight. Flying through the grocery store getting everything on our list in the shortest time possible! Justin hates that I tie the bags we put our veggies and fruit in and he uses twist ties. We both went searching for different things to get done faster and always bring things to the cart that were not on the list. I think Saturday night is the best grocery shopping time. There were not many people in the store and no lines at the tills. Our Sunday after church shopping is pretty busy and the lines are always long.
I hated grocery shopping as a kid. I felt like I was being dragged around the store by my mom and she never let me buy all the yummy stuff. Now as an "adult" I find myself buying the stuff that is good for you anyways. Funny how that works! Ice cream always ends up in the cart but I can't live without it!
I toast Saturday night grocery shopping---it keeps us out of trouble.

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 21

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"Here is a banana loaf I made today for you guys and I have some pizza buns in the freezer and some cabbage rolls too. Oh and do you want to take this bran muffin mix? What about this leftover salad?"

So one Easter supper and we came back home and filled our fridge and freezer with goodies. On the way home Justin and I were giggling how our moms love to feed us and they are always sending food home with us when we go there or just drop it off at our house. Bread, buns, cookies, soup you name it we get it! I love it so much. I was not a cook before I moved out because I had such a good cook at home and I have learned how to cook a bit. When we get food from home it's nice because it reminds us of the good good food we used to eat. Nothing beats mom's food!

I had a good afternoon out in Aberdeen for Easter. We brought out the game of life and we played with my mom, dad and little brother Adam. We didn't play board games a lot growing up, my dad was always on the road and Adam and I were always off to one of our many activities and so I really enjoyed sitting down with my family and playing a game today. My brother lost terribly, the worst score in the history of the game of life according to our own record keeping since we got the game!

I got to visit with my cousin Ryan and his fiance today, they are getting married in September so we chatted for quite awhile about both of our wedding plans. It is very exciting and I'm glad I have people on both sides of my family to share it with. More wedding talk on Sunday! :)

Slice of life writing challenge- Day 20

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Why does every holiday celebrate with chocolate?
Valentines Day---Chocolate
and now Easter----More Chocolate!

Now I'm not complaining I LOVE chocolate. I have a sweet tooth for it but my skin does not like chocolate. I tend to break out after a chocolate session and my body just collects the chocolate in my tummy and makes it grow. My problem with the chocolate is that I'm still not done my Christmas chocolate, the valentines chocolate is sitting beside my bed and now I am eating a chocolate Easter egg with my name on it! I have devoured half of it already and I know I need to stop or I'm not going to eat my supper. I know not to look at the "Nutritional Facts" on the back or I might have to go on my elliptical for the next hour. haha I know the Easter chocolate has not ended because I bought some myself for a special Easter Bunny Surprise. Maybe I'll throw those out and hide some carrots or something haha Somehow it's just not as appealing as mini chocolate eggs covered in colored foil.
Happy Chocolate Eating Weekend everyone!

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 19

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Today I came across a inspirational video that caused me to create a pile of Kleenex in front of me. This video is about Randy Pausch who is a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University, a husband, and the father of three young children. There is a tradition in academia called “The Last Lecture.” If you knew that this was to be your last lecture, what would you say? In the case of Randy Pausch, he wrote a real last lecture. He is sick with terminal cancer. The version I have posted here is a ten-minute recap of his lecture that he gave on the Oprah show

This video is incredible powerful. This week I have spent a lot of my days complaining about life and the amount of school work I have left to accomplish and the weather outside. My perspective is truly off, my priorities are out of order. This video today has made me take a look at myself and my priorities and just breathe. The video is FULL of amazing inspirational advice that is really so simple yet when I have been wrapped up in so much I forget to do the simple things. Randy states at the end of his presentation: "If you lead your life the right away karma will take care of itself and dreams will come to you".

I hope I can live my life that I am a good person who is grateful, honest, hard working and helping. When I start to feel and live in all this negative energy I hope that I can quickly snap out of it and become centered, balanced, whole.

Today I would like to share a few things I am grateful for:
I am grateful for my family- my old and my new family. They are the
I am grateful for the freedoms I have
I am grateful for my health
I am grateful for love---giving and receiving love.

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 18

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Writers Block.
I have a paper due tomorrow in my class about teaching writing and I am just stuck. I enjoy the topic- I'm writing about the power of writing in a journal for self discovery and healing. I have found lots of great books on the topic and devoured them each one confirming my belief that writing is good for you! But I lack the ability to make it all fit together and make any sense at all. I feel like I'm talking about too many things; my personal experience with using a journal and how it has helped me, my thoughts about how a journal might have helped a student I taught in internship, The Freedom Writers movie/book and how writing changed them, examples of studies, personal accounts of people in the books I read about how their lives changed because of writing. Then I have to connect it to school and how I would use it in my classroom. My biggest block is my lack of confidence to write academically. I am in a class full of English majors, with a Prof who knows more about any writing topic then I ever will and I well I just write because it hurts not to. I have always had trouble with the mechanical and grammar stuff and I thought this class might have helped me out but we have had presentations on theorists the whole time who demised the grammar and mechanics but I get dinged on it anyway.
I want to teach the process of writing, prewrite, draft, more drafts if need revise edit etc because I believe that produces the writing that the student will be most proud of and it mirrors what "real" writers do. I personally have not been through that process since grade 6. I have a hard time re reading my work and fixing it. I get mad and want to throw it all away and with my deadline tomorrow I can't do that. I have this desire in me to write stories, poems, a book for the "world" to see but I am scared. Scared that my words are nothing, scared that my story is old, scared of myself. I feel like I have lost my creativity somewhere along my life. I signed up for a creative writing class that starts next month---I want to write I really really do I just need some direction and focus and I hope this class is a start.

I should get ready for my day before it starts without me.

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 17

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A computer animated graffiti wall that blinked AV RIL started the crowd shouting out her name then the stage exploded with punk rock dancers flipping and flying around the stage with a pink flag with a skull and cross bones. Finally the tiny blond girl stepped into the light with a shy little smile and began to rock out into her pink rhinestone microphone.
I sang along to every song and pumped my hand in the air for a straight 80 mins! She sang some good oldies- Complicated, Sk8r Boi, I'm with you and of course the newest punk-pop tunes of Girlfriend, When You're Gone, Best Damn Thing and Hot!
She slowed things down in the middle with some acoustic songs where she sat along the edge of the stage and also played a song on her pink sparkly piano. I won't lie I shed a tear like I do at every concert. Music usually moves me to tears---I don't think I've been to a concert and not cried. When she played "When You're Gone" I went right back to September driving to my internship school and this song was on the radio and I just cranked it and cried all the way there...I felt so alone and missing everyone especially Justin. I know it's silly to say but music always gets me through life. Music and writing! I think i should write music! haha
Avril made a couple costume changes but always maintained a large black wardrobe with lots of sparkles, animal print, x's and skulls and cross bones. She also played a couple songs on her pink sparkly drum set. Things just seemed to appear and disappear on the stage. It was like magic. Her dances also put on a good show. They were a lot of fun and I wished I was up there dancing around to Avril.
The night ended too soon and although my throat and feet were killing me I felt that the stress had been danced away last night. Until the next time Avril and I meet I will turn up her song full blast on the radio and sing my heart out to them and live by my mantra that
"I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen!!!"

Slice of life writing challenge- Day 16

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Marriage, as a choice, requires choices.
One must choose not once, but every day.
Life offers us a hundred thousand voices,
Yet those we fail to hear fast fade away.
I choose you with all my wounded heart:
Our marriage isn't easy, but our love
Is still the force that shapes my daily life.
I want us to be happy, and will move
Wherever I must be to be your wife.
I'm yours, and I want you to be mine.
We'll find a way our wishes to combine.
Justin and I are making many choices in preparation to our wedding day. The colours, the flowers, the time, the place, what kind of food, what kind of music, the guest list and the list goes on and on and on. Along with the choices we make for our special day we are also making choices for our life together. Where we are going to live, how many kids we want to have, money stuff and so on. Today another choice that had been lurking came to the surface...
At church people from the congregation go to the front and talk about their faith journey with the Church. Today a young woman spoke of her and her husband living a interfaith relationship dividing their time among the united and catholic church. That is the position Justin and I are in. He is Catholic and I am United. Although we have decided to get married in the United church I suggested that we also have a Catholic priest present to do parts of the service. We talked to the lady who spoke after church and she was very helpful in getting us to think about how our own situation can be like theirs with some long and serious talking between Justin and I and members of the church community. I am very open to living in two faiths and learning more about the Catholic church. I think my fear of it comes from my lack of knowledge and the stereotypes I have. I hope that through some research into the practices and having Justin read into the practices of the United Church we can both satisfy our spiritual side. So many questions and I feel like I have no answers right now, I don't know if I will ever have a full answer but I think Justin and I communicate well and I know we will be able to figure out what each person needs and what we need and want together. With each choice we make together we grow closer together.

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 15

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It was a long day of travelling yesterday and when I got home I just wanted to crawl into bed but I got down my slice in my journal that I wanted to share with all of you.

Slice of Life writing Challenge- Day 14

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Welcome Elvis the Second to our home!

I was very sad when we had to say goodbye to Elvis the First and our fish bowl/vase lol was looking so lonely and empty I really wanted to get a new fish and maybe a turtle! :P

We went down to the pet store last night about 10 minutes before it was closing. They didn't have any turtles but a TON of Beta fish. I think I picked up every container to see which fish I wanted to make my new friend.  I picked this fish because he was colourful and I fell in love with his tail.

On the drive home I sat there talking to my fish as Justin sat in the drivers seat laughing at me. We argued over what to call him---Elvis the Second (my idea) and Elvis the Third (Justin's idea) I told him you can't skip a number! But he thinks Elvis the Third sounds better. We settled on Elvis the Second, even though he will probably just get called Elvis. We need to get another calendar to put by his bowl so we know when he was fed because the last fish sometimes would get fed by everyone that day or by no one for multiple days.

I spent sometime today just watching Elvis swim around. He is bigger then the original Elvis. I enjoyed watching him swim around and around and through the grass. He is a fast swimmer. His tail and fins are hair like and they look like ribbon. When the light hits him just so he changes colour from blue/purple to red. It is beautiful. I felt very relaxed watching him. I grabbed my camera and took a couple shots of him. My favourite one is the one from the top of his bowl. I hope he has a long happy life in our home. When we move to our acreage I can get my cats! But in the meantime I'll just have fish.

IMGP1379 IMGP1378


Slice of life writing challenge - Day 13

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Sitting in my favorite chair this afternoon, with clipboard in hand, writing away about the power of writing for my essay due next week. Maybe the chair was too comfy and the blanket just too perfect for a nap but I decided to just close my eyes for 10 mins then get back at the paper.

I drifted fast into dream land and an hour later was woken up my "Thunderstruck" by AC DC ringing on my phone. I try and wriggle out of the cocoon I had wrapped myself up in to answer my brother on the phone.

"Hey- Is Justin home?"
Not like he would want to come visit his sister just her fiance now! haha
I replied no he would be home in an hour.
"Oh well I'll come by and show you the sweet ball glove I got today"

I jumped out of my hair, my hair is a mess and I have an imprint of my hand on my face. Crap I was going to make potatoes for supper and the meat isn't ready and I don't have enough time. I decided to go the BBQ way but the lighter was broken so I am searching for matches as my brother shows up to show me his glove. I could probably fit both my hands and a foot in it. ITS HUGE!! He is pretty excited about ball season. I am getting excited too. I miss spending time with Adam and this way we get to see each other for sure every week!!

I finally found matches and got the pork chops on the BBQ, was inside trying to make salad, veggies and a pasta side. Somehow it all came together and it was very tasty. My hair is still a mess and I am going to move back to my favorite chair to do more writing.

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 12

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Dear Ashley,

I'm glad you wrote yesterday, it was nice to hear from you. Yes I am always busy, but it makes the days go by quickly and I enjoy my work. So do not rush through next time, I always have time to listen.

It's okay to be nervous about the future, the future is unknown and a path you have no directions to. But that is the best part of life my dear, making your own path, traveling where you want to go, where your heart and head take you. I hope you just start on that path and do not spend any more time looking for faith because the faith is inside you. It has always been inside you, you never lost it you just are hiding it right now because you are scared. Use that fear to push yourself through this challenge and rise to the top.

Ashley I have watched you grow tremendously in the past four years. You are ready to live your dreams, you are ready to make things happen. Don't jump walk to the edge, run as fast as you can and jump. The journey down will be just as great as the destination you land on. Believe in yourself, because you have so many people around you to help. Talk to you soon.

From X

Slice of life writing challenge- Day 11

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Dear X,

We have not spoken in a long time. I think about you and wonder how you spend your days and I wonder how you get done everything with all the chaos in your life. Maybe you don't see it as chaos but rather just part of the job. I am not jealous of your job but I know many people are thankful for your presence and I know you have many other appointments today so I'll try and make this short.

I am very nervous and worried about the future. I always have been this way and I know things always work out in the end I just don't quite feel the same way this time. I'm juggling so many things and I don't feel like I am putting my best into any of them. I have lost faith in myself. I don't know where to look for it either, is it under my bed, or maybe in my car, or maybe I tucked it in a book I was reading sometime. I was hoping that you could help me find it again, you are the holder of faith.

How does one lose and find faith? Does it come to you in a dream, or in a moment? Does it just slip out of your grasp when you aren't looking. I have faith in so many people and I have so many people who believe in me, I just don't have it for myself. I don't know what you can really do for me, or if I have just wasted your time with my rambling but I like that you are here to talk to, so thanks. Take care, I hope to talk to you more often.

From Ashley

Slice of life writing challenge- Day 10

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Summer is almost here and that means, sun, the lake, swimming, biking and of course SLO PITCH!

I started playing last year and I was and still am a terrible ball player, but I actually had a lot of fun and Justin and I were trying to find an activity that we could do together. Last year we played on a team outside of the city but Justin's commitment to his other team did not allow him to play many games with the team I was on. So it did not feel like we were really playing together. We were going to join one of our friends teams but they already had enough people, so we decided to make our own team. I think we have a pretty awesome group of people from both of our circle of friends. We were trying to think of a team name and while searching online for team names I came across the PERFECT name! We are going to be called THE AMAZING SPIDER PIGS. Or maybe just SPIDER PIGS! Either way I'm stoked. I can't wait to get shirts made and I need a stuffed animal pig for my little Spiderman costume I have so he can be our mascot. Spider_Pig___Color_by_Ionahipri Hopefully the rest of the team enjoys the name as much as I do.

I still have a couple of months until we start but I'm thinking we should start practicing ASAP so the SPIDER PIGS go all the way!! hahaha

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 9

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Dundern rink was packed with mostly Allan fans. It was game 3 in a best of 5 series and Allan is up by 2 games. If they win this one they would be the League Champs. (Equivalent to getting the Stanley Cup :) )

The score was 0-0 through most of the first period. Allan usually gets scored on first and that seemed to be working the last 8 games. Pucks were flying everywhere in front of the net. Goalies were stopping everything until someone (can't remember who) got one past Dundurns goalie making the score 1-0 for Allan. They had changed the start of the game, were they still going to win?

2nd period

Things got intense as Dundurn scored 2 unanswered goals. The score is now 2-1 for Dudurn. That was all the scoring in the second, Allan had to come back and win this game.

3rd period

Thompson tied things up early in the third period. Then things got dirty when Kourtney scored a power play goal from the blue line. Everyone was watching the puck as it flew through the air and hit top corner then when we looked back Kourtney was laying on the ice. He had taken a vicious knee to the ribs and was forced to leave the game on the back board. The team was even more inspired now to win this game.

Kalsey put home the 4th goal which turned out to be the game winner. The Thompson added an empty net goal to seal the deal. Dundurn scored one more late goal but it was not enough.

The last few minutes and balcony looking down on the ice was singing "Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Good-bye" to the other team as their chance to hold on to the game slipped away and Allan claimed victory.

The countdown was on 5-4-3-2-1 and the rink exploded and all the players jumped onto the ice. Allan Flames are Wheatland League Champs 2007/2008!

Everyone went into the tiny and smelly dressing room to celebrate with champagne from the cup of glory. Daryl collected the winning puck to take home to put in the display case at the hometown "Hilton". The girls were kicked out of the dressing room so the boys could shower and the convoy started off to Allan for the celebration. We stood outside the "Hilton" waiting for Evy to come home from BINGO to open the bar. The V.I.P.'s were finally let in and the pool table , jukebox and shuffle board started. After a few the shaving party started. Starting with the trainer, Steve Bradford buzzed his critically acclaimed moustache. Then all of Steves hair was on the floor and he looked like a mean biker with his beard. Then the line up of head shaving continued with Kelly, The Halmiltion Brothers, Derrek, and the beards of several players were turned into bad moustaches. Of course all captured on digital pixels to make the collage for this year.

The party was still going when we left so many more stories may follow this adventure of the amazing winning team of the Allan Flames.

Great job guys! You deserve it.

***If any of these facts are incorrect please notify me and I will edit my story. Thanks.

***More photos to come
***Co wrote by Justin Boehm

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 8

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Today is my grandma's 85th birthday. My mom has a large family, 13 brothers and sisters who all have kids and half of those have kids too. My aunts wanted everyone to get together for my grandma's birthday today--unfortunately not all of us could be there but

As Justin and I were driving out to Simpson we got a phone call from my mom saying that we had to pick up my Grandma in Watrous and take her to the place where they were having the party because it is a surprise. I was not sure how I was going to do this. It's not like I drive out to Watrous to see my Grandma on a regular basis- I thought she was going to be suspicious when we showed up. I asked my mom "What do you want me to tell her?" My mom replied, "Just tell her you want to go for a drive". I did not think that was going to work at all, we just got in our car and started driving and ended up there. As we rolled into Watrous they have a huge car lot so I said that we could tell my grandma that we were in Watrous to buy a car. We got to the house and my uncle was outside, we formulated a plan to get my Grandma to Simpson with us and went inside. She was happy to see us, but didn't really look surprised to see us and didn't really ask what we were doing. I told my story that we came to look for a car and wanted to stop by and say hi and thought we would take a drive to Simpson to visit Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave. I was telling her I wanted to show Justin the combine that was in Twister and the boot road. So we got in the car and drove to Simpson where we drove around until we found the rink where all the cars where. My grandma asked "I wonder what's going on here". We pulled up and I told her it was a surprise for her and wished her a Happy Birthday! We walked inside and some of the family was just hanging out at the table. She was pretty surprised and she wondered why her daughters had not called her yet today to wish her a Happy Birthday.
We spent the afternoon hanging out playing Tile Rummy and eating snacks, drinking wine. I got a few mailing addresses to start my collection for sending out wedding invites, and just visited with family I don't get to see much. Like all family functions there is family drama with people being stubborn and silly, that is how it always has been and always will be.
Happy Birthday Grandma---I wish you many more birthday's to come!

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 7

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Justin crawled into bed at 4:30 am, coming home early from the night shift which was great but he messed up my morning because I did not want to get out of bed anymore now that he was here. Now the whole day has flown by and I need to touch up the curls on my hair for my grad banquet tonight.
I'm convicting! *tear* I honestly have no words to describe how I feel...All my dreams are coming true. I am going to be a teacher. The only thing I have wanted to be since grade six. I went and picked up my grad photos today. They are perfect. I'm scared and excited at the same time and I am just filled with butterflies. I am sad to leave University, it has been an awesome four years. At the end of a very long and hard road I think of this new country song that sums it all up.

Trace Atkins- You're gonna miss this
She was staring out the window of that SUV
Complaining, saying "I can't wait to turn 18"
She said "I'll make my own money, and I'll make my own rules"
Mamma put the car in park out there in front of the school
Then she kissed her head and said "I was just like you"
You're gonna miss this You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this

Before she knows it she's a brand new bride
In a one-bedroom apartment, and her daddy stops by
He tells her "It's a nice place"She says "It'll do for now"
Starts talking about babies and buying a house
Daddy shakes his head and says "Baby, just slow down
"Cause you're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this

Five years later there's a plumber workin' on the water heater
Dog's barkin', phone's ringin' One kid's cryin', one kid's screamin'
She keeps apologizin' He says "They don't bother me.
I've got 2 babies of my own.
One's 36, one's 23.Huh, it's hard to believe, but ...
You're gonna miss this You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this"

I am going to miss this, I'm going to miss writing papers, and reading textbooks and taking multiple choice tests. I'm going to miss bad cafeteria food, and scrounging in my purse for enough change to buy a juice, I'm going to miss the jokes and the togetherness of the Gamma Cohort, I'm going to miss getting yelled at by profs, I'm going to miss it all! Time has gone by way to fast.

I'm going to find some Kleenex now and go redo my makeup now that I cried it all off.

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 6

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So many SOL stories from today. What a crazy wonderful day it was. I am loving this challenge by the way, I always try and live in the moment and soak it all in to remember and write it down later and lately I just let weeks and weeks pass before I open my journal to write a short recap and I ended up making no sense and not capturing the moment at all, but I feel like I am now. :)

The class I'm going to miss the most in the college of Education is Peter's art class. It is one of my electives this year and the students are essentially teaching the other students different art things to do with students. Unfortunately this idea is limiting and I wish it was more of an exploration of the materials and techniques on our own I enjoy the atmosphere and company. Peter is not the most organized man, and he talks about 3 different things at one time and he usually wears a bow tie. We mentioned to him on Tuesday that some of the boys were wanting to learn how to tie a bow tie for our grad banquet this weekend so he brought a bunch of bow ties in to class today for us to try. We spent most of the class today taking turns and helping each other tie bow ties. The girls did a WAY better job than the boys! I had a blast...I wish I would have had my camera we looked hilarious. It was a great way to start off the day.

I stopped at Walmart on my way back home to buy bottled water for my brother. That place sucks me and and steals my money. I ended up buying a bunch of picture frames, 2 kinds of ice cream (vanilla and chocolate) those strawberry wafer cookies and some more wool! I stayed out of the shoe department or else I would be in really big trouble. Justin was awake when I got home---he is working 2 night shifts this week, last night and tonight. :( I don't like sleeping alone but we got to spend some time together this afternoon grocery shopping and making our to-do list and just cuddling on the couch. He went back to sleep for a couple hours while I attempted to research for my essay then cook a kick butt stir fry. I was going from the frying pan to rice cooker stirring and stir frying, chopping vegetables. I still lack faith in my cooking ability but I'm getting better.

Our adventures continued tonight to the wedding photographer where we gave our deposit. They have a Dalmatian dog. She is adorable! As we were leaving the house I like usually tell Justin that " I want a Dalmatian Dog". He just laughs and says that he is going to start making a list of all the things I "want" and show it to me and it will be a mile long after one week. I do say "I want..." a lot. I don't really necessarily "want" those things, I just think they are nice and would be cool to have and it's almost a game to see where Justin stands on things and other times just to make him laugh or roll his eyes. Like saying I want a limo or a purple house. :) I am very happy with what I have.

Our goal tonight was to look for new living room furniture. Nothing really struck our fancy and seemed a little out of the price range for what we wanted. There is a discount place that we looked at a month ago or so that give us everything couch, love seat and chair, 2 end tables, coffee table and 2 lamps for a GREAT price! They just didn't have the color in the style we wanted at the time. I am loving redecorating this place and making it a home that is ours!

Finally we made one more stop at Walmart for some construction stuff and dish soap which we have forgotten to get for 2 weeks now, and like always I come out of there were more then I need. I am trying to build an at home gym so I picked up some weighted exercise balls. We used them in this class I took and I loved them. As we were leaving I noticed that at the end of the checkout lane was a row of t.v.'s attached to the roof with ads and commercials on them. They even had ads for Walmart on the T.V.---I'm already in your store, why do you need to advertise it?? The best purchase today was the new and improved game of life! You now have a Visa that keeps track of all your earning and all your purchases. You can go down different paths life going to college, or just working or getting married and having kids, or having fun. It is a ton of fun and it is pretty realistic in terms of earning and living and how things affect your life. I can't wait to play it again! But I must sign off and call it a night. My empty bed is calling me to crawl in and read my book: Into the Wild.

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 5

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I feel like ripping my hair out like this girl right now trying to get through assignments, life, preparing for the job search, and my headache that just won't go away.
This morning I went to my Prof for help with my paper on writing, and I think I left more confused! The same goes for my other classes, I feel more lost and confused about assignments and expectations then I ever have. Maybe its last term zoning out! I'm trying to stay focused and in touch with it because I know when the end of this month is over I'll be wishing I could go back and live it all over again just to be around the people who mean so much to me on a daily basis even if it feels like I'm never going to make it to the end. Justin is so supportive and he can see at night when I want to rip my hair out- he says "It's all going to work out". I just need to believe him.
My to-do list just keeps getting longer no matter how many items I cross off. I keep reorganizing my priority list and my time line which is wasting work time. Writing in here also takes up reading and essay writing time but I need this writing time because its for me! But my "me time" is up and I must retreat to my chair and curl up with my research books. I would much rather stay here and continue to write numerous entries about nothing and everything. Now I'm just procrastinating.......good bye for now.

R.I.P. Elvis the Fish

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Our fish had been sick for a quite a while. He was not swimming and not eating. I always said we should just let him go but I didn't want to. I had become attached to our little guy. We had a calendar by his bowl to mark when he was fed because at one point he was being fed 3 times a day or not at all. I bought him new rocks for his bowl and some grass for him to hide in. But today I just couldn't take watching him lay there and look sad so Justin and I said good-bye to our fish and flushed him down the toilet. He was really my first ever pet, even though I only really adopted him because Justin had him before I met him. I was sad to watch him go, but I'm excited to have another little fish join our life. We are going fish shopping on Friday. Maybe I can convince Justin to buy a turtle!! :)

Thanks Elvis for making me smile when you would play hide and seek in your grass. I will miss you!

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 4

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I have taught skating every winter for the past 11 years of my life. When I started I was more of an assistant, getting the instructor things and just helping out. Then at the end of my own skating career I took over as coach and really created my own little club. It was my entrepreneur attempt that made me some really great cash. Then they built the new rink and started charging me ice rental and my profit was $0! But I did it really because I love it. Skating is in my blood. If Justin and I could we would get married on ice! :) I only got to teach skating starting in January this year instead of September because of internship and I just realized today that I only have two weeks left and it will probably be the last two weeks of skating I teach because I will hopefully have a real school teacher job that will not allow me to keep doing this.
I have really enjoyed these last 2 sessions of skating. I have had many challenges to overcome and when I reflect on what I can do now on the ice compared to even just a few years ago it is incredible.
Teaching skating is one of the reasons I wanted to become a teacher. I loved working with kids and passing on my knowledge and love of a great sport. It is also so rewarding to have them improve so much in the time you teach them. I remember I had triplet girls in my own class and at the beginning they would not come onto the ice by themselves, they were so scared and could barley stand up, and really didn't want to continue. But I was determined to make them LOVE skating and make them great skaters and now they are all playing hockey and skating circles around the other players. It makes me smile. I can't wait to have my own classroom and watch my students grow into their full potential.

Wedding Planning

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9 months until my wedding. Wow has time flown by since Justin and I got engaged. I'm a little behind in where I wanted to be in terms of planning but I think I'm okay still. I have a few things out of the way so far. The church, hall and photographer are booked. I bought every snowflake decoration I could get my hand on after Christmas this year. I have a HUGE Rubbermaid container full of snowflakes tree ornaments and candle holders. I have also bought flowers to make my girls bouquets---I'm still looking for flowers for mine. I have a couple ideas for centrepieces and I know how I'm going to make my invites.

IMGP1252 Girls Bouquets

IMGP1253 Invite Idea

I'm having a blast planning. The best part was trying on dresses and having my girls try on bridesmaids dresses. I found a dress I love--But my mom and I are going to attempt the impossible and make it. We have the bridesmaids dresses narrowed down to a few. My 2 bridesmaids that were not around when we tried on dresses are coming with me this Friday to try them on and see what they think.

I am trying to figure out what I want for music at the reception---band or DJ. I always wanted a band because I'm a huge fan of live music, but the cost is a lot more then a DJ and the selection can be limited. I need to decide on that soon so I can book.

The big task of creating the actual guest list is something Justin and I have been avoiding. I don't even want to know the total number of people we come up with. That will be this months task---Create Guest List! Wish us luck. :)

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 3

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Our bodies fit together like a puzzle, with my arm wrapped around you and my head just tucked in so, our legs intertwined. But the alarm buzzes too early to tell you work is calling, but I just hold on tighter. Those moments in the morning when we are just barley awake but holding on for dear life are my favorite. Soft kisses, whispered I love you's and have a good days. Its routine every morening but it always feels special. When you leave the bed it gets too big for just one person and I struggle to find a comfy spot again. When I finally fall back asleep my mind drifts to images of us laughing, crying, playing, growing old together and I smile in my sleep.

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 2

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"Live your life with an open heart." That is the challenge the minister of the church that Justin and I have started going to gave us today.
The idea of living with an open heart I think scares most people because living with an open heart means you are vulnerable and you may get hurt. And yes this is true but by not living with an open heart you are closing yourself off from feeling completely loved and the feeling of being full and whole.
I know I have walls up around my heart and my that impacts all parts of my life. I think a lot with my heart, it guides me and pulls me through my day and when it gets bumped I hide and cry, which I know does not solve anything. When I live with walls up around my heart, I lose out on so many wonderful feelings of joy and celebration that I could receive from the people and things around me.
I am trying to open my heart to the world of writing. I have a terrible inner censor that hides words and tells my heart that the words my hands write are not good enough. But living with a open heart I know that I can grow and learn and become a fulfilled person and learn about myself and others.

So I challenge you this week to live with an open heart. Open your arms and mind to new things and new ideas. Let that heart feel and know love in its fullest. Love yourself the most!

Slice of life writing challenge - Day 1

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I spend a lot of my time searching for teaching resources- I am really interested in teaching writing resources right now and on my search tonight I found a wonderful website TWO WRITING TEACHERS who do amazing things in the classroom with writing. While on thier site I found a challenge for writing. It is called the Slice of life writing challenge. The definition of a slice of life writing peice is:
A slice of life story is a category for a story that portrays a "cut-out" sequence of events in a character's life. It may or may not contain any real plot, and often has no exposition, action, conflict, or denouement, with an open ending. It usually tries to depict the every-day life of ordinary people. The term slice of life is actually a (more or less) dead metaphor: it often seems as if the author had taken a knife and cut out a slice of the lives of some characters, without concern for narrative form.
I was talking to my friend Tracy tonight about her 30 day Yoga Challenge and how she got through it. She talked about being accountable to someone, and my idea was to write in my notebook for 30 days but it's hard to be accountable to anyone for that unless I could find someone to bug to everyday to see if I have written anything yet. I feel that this blog and this slice of life challenge is exactly what I need to get motivated and to complete my goal of writing for 30days and hopefully making it a habit that I can't break! So here goes nothing.

I am not a morning person on Saturday mornings, my phone started buzzing at 8:00 telling me to get up and get to the skating rink. One of my students that I taught during internship was competing in a figure skating compitition and I wanted to go watch.
I walked into the rink and memories and feelings of nervousness and excitment came flooding back to me of when I was still competing. I had tears in my eyes thinking about how much I miss it.
I missed my girl skate which was disappointing but we had a good visit. and I stayed at the rink for a good hour hanging out and taking in all the excitment. I wanted to run home and get my skates on and my purple sparkly dress and skate to center ice and perform. I bought myself a new pair of skate guards (purple of course). I wonder if they have a "used to be's" skating compitition out there. :P That would be something I would love to do.
I want to say thank you to my mom for making all my beautiful costumes and driving me to all my skating compititions and test days.
That is a slice of my life today.