Destructive Creativity

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Creative destruction is a term that refers to the act of making a physical change to an object, blank page or space. It is based on the premise that if you alter an object in some way, you are in fact participating in a creative experience (regardless of the outcome). The intent of creative destruction is to move beyond aesthetic judgements of whether a mark/alteration is good or bad, but instead to allow the mark to exist as documentation of a physical experience or as kind of expression. While the term “destruction” has historically had a negative connotation, in this context it is used to imply simply “alteration”.

A couple blogs that a read have inspired me to Wreck This Journal!
Everyday Snapshots and TwoWritingTeachers posted about their newest project/challenge to Wreck This Journal. A truley wonderful idea by Keri Smith that asks you to use Creative Destruction to alter this journal. You are NOT allowed to keep it clean and pretty, but rather encouraged and demanded to spill on it, rip it, drive over it!

I went to McNally yesterday and grabbed a copy myself to start wrecking. This is something I would never do. My notebooks and journals are nice and neat so this will be a challenge for me to create something like this. I'm looking forward to this project and I encourage others to start Wrecking thier own journals.

Creative Journey

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On my search for more creativity this summer I just started Julia Camerons A Vein of Gold after I completed her "The Artist's Way" book. I need to keep pushing myself to look deeper inside me and believe in my artist.

A quote from her book that really struck me:

"Art is made through a series of moments--choices--leading each to the next. Life is made in the same way." (p. 12).

I really want to merge my art and my life together.

Julia Cameron book outlines a few activities that are done on a regular basis.

#1 Morning Pages- 3 pages written by hand in a journal/notebook about anything that comes to your mind. It is not pretty writing, do not reread your morning pages, just write to get it out on paper.

#2 Artist Dates- Time spent alone to nurture your artist. Example: going to a museum, playing with pastels, buying stickers at the dollar store. It does not have to cost you anything, just time with creativity.

# 3 Creative Cluster- Build a group of people who you can go to for support and nurturing.

# 4 Daily Walks- 20 minute daily walk and one 1 hr long walk a week. During your walks Julia asks you to walk prayerfully and think of all the things you are grateful for. The task of walking prayerfully, listing and vocalizing gratitude is important for the process. What you are actually doing is gaining altitude so that you can see life from a higher perspective, where you are able to recognize many more choices.

# 5 Imagic Nation- Also on your walks her task for you is to enter our imagic-nation through walking asks us to “Think about what you’d like more of, what you’d like less of, what would make you happier, which things make you glad” (p. 37). Finally, Cameron suggests making a list of twenty things I would like to have manifest in my life—material, spiritual, intellectual, artistic.

Here is the start of my list...

  1. calm and optimism related to my work

  2. time for quiet reflection in each day

  3. more connection to outdoor things—more time spent in the outdoors

  4. a feeling of belonging in my community and culture

  5. gratitude (mine, felt for other people and things)

  6. daily reading

  7. daily knitting.

  8. A regular spiritual practice

  9. A sense of balance

  10. Comfort in showing my full self to the world

  11. Strengthened connections to friends near & far

  12. Start writing again

  13. Travel, seeing new places, whether big trips (some day) or day trips (today!) – just to get out there on a regular basis and see more of the world

  14. More long talks with mom

  15. To wake up every morning excited about the day that’s ahead (not still exhausted, not reluctant to start the day, not anxious about what needs to get done)
  16. Create a creative space
  17. A belief in my talents
  18. A new car

Today I start my journey to find my Vein of Gold and become closer to my inner self...

Scrap Your Day- May & June

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I have been participating in Scrap Your Day since April where on the 25th of the month you take pictures of your day and create a mini album. This is a fabulous project that documents MY life. I find a lot in my scrapbooking I document my friends or family and not myself, and this book is mostly about me and what I do everyday. It is really a lot of fun to see how you just spend an ordinary or special day.

Here are my pages from May, June and July.

May 25th Highlights

Sunday morning breakfast of bacon and eggs!! :)

Filling up the truck with gas, buying new furniture, shopping at home depot, Michael's and Sobeys.

An afternoon of watching Degrassi, painting, Tile Rummy and Writing.

June 25th Highlights

A cereal day for breakfast, with a look at my feet and a quote on the wall.

At work all day driving cars.

I got a new lap top and the house beside us went up for sale.

The rainbow above the trees after the rain and a late night to bed.

I'll hopefully get July's page done today. I have the house all to myself to crank the music and make a mess with paper, stickers and paint!

Slice of life Tuesdays- Chapter 14

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Justin and I grabbed a piece of gum.
"I haven't blown bubbles in forever" Justin said.
Each of us were trying to blow the biggest bubble. I was trying to blow a second bubble inside the first. Justin spitting and blowing tiny bubbles.
The orange piece of gum flew out of Justin's mouth and stuck to the dashboard for a second before it fell into my purse. Laughing so hard my stomach hurt I pick the gum out of my purse and say. "You are terrible at blowing bubbles! You have to flatten it on your tongue like this" I explain and show by sticking out my tongue.
He grabs another piece of gum and attempts to flatten his pieces. Justin sticks out his tongue and looks at his gum in the rear view mirror. I continue my bubble blowing lesson.
"Now hold the gum behind your teeth and push your tongue a bit"
Justin pushes the gum far with his tongue stretching the gum too thin.
"Don't push so much" I say. "Just a little bit then blow"
I blow a large bubble and it pops. Justin continues to work hard at the craft of bubble blowing. I pop another piece of gum into my mouth so I can create my bubble inside of a bubble. The sweet sugar and flavour filled my mouth. I chew quick trying to get the gum soft and ready. I position the gum and create the first bubble. I repositioned the leftover gum to push inside the first bubble. I push too low creating a second bubble below the first pushing the first up to touch my nose. I poke Justin to look at me because I am unable to talk. We continue blowing bubbles on the trip to breakfast when the orange, slobbery, wet mass flies from Justin's mouth on the dashboard again. We both couldn't stop laughing. We both agreed that maybe this lesson was done for the moment.

Lost and Found

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The clock on the wall finally hit 5pm. The work week was over. I finished up the last few documents for the week and turned off my computer. Only 15 minutes later and the office was already deserted. Just me and the buzzing sounds of the florescent lights. I grabbed my keys, jacket and purse to head home to sit on the couch with a glass of red wine and a good book. I smile at the thought of my Friday evening plans. The week had been busy with meetings and deadlines and news that my favourite uncle had been diagnosed with cancer.

The parking lot was eerie with one lone car left. My purple dodge calibar. It beeps as I push the unlock button on my keys. As I get closer it looks like my tire is flat. I curse to myself. Not another thing! As I get even closer I see that not only 1 tire is flat but all four. With slash marks in them.

"God Damit " I scream." Why me!? Who the hell would do that to my car.?!"

I reach inside my purse to grab my cell phone and try calling my Dad. Voice mail. Okay what about my brother.....voicemail. Shit. Justin is working nights tonight, I'll try him anyways just to cry.....voicemail.

I look down at my BlackBerry thinking of who else I could call and see the low battery light flashing and without notice the phone shuts off. Battery too low...Well I guess I'm walking now. Its not that far home and maybe I can catch a cab on my walk.

The early fall sun was setting behind the tall evergreen trees that lined the sidewalk of the building. I wish I had a sweater with me. My heels clicked on the sidewalk as I walked home. The residential area where my office was quiet, no traffic, no other pedestrians. As I walked my mind wandered back to my glass of wine and a good book. I would be home alone tonight and I needed that me time. I wondered why I didn't walk to work more often the scenery was beautiful. The large trees that lined the street canopied over the street creating a large umbrella. The trees were starting to loose their leaves as the seasons changed.

I was brought out of my daydream by the sound of rustling in the leaves that lay beneath the trees. I turn to look over my shoulder but I don't see anyone. I pick up the pace and tell myself I'm just hearing things. I hear the sound again and this time with a soft whine. I stop and turn around to watch the leaves. They start to move and out popped the head of a tiny grey kitten. I laughed at myself being afraid of a tiny kitten. I crouch down and call out to the kitten. Slowly it came to me and I took it in my arms. It was so soft and surprisingly tame. I checked to see if it had a tag. It did. Its name was Elmo and there was a phone number to call. Unfortunately my cell phone was dead so I would have to take him home with me. I held Elmo close to my chest like a baby stroking his back. He purred so loud and strong it tickled my neck.

We finally reached home and the second I opened the room Elmo jumped out of my arms and started exploring. We played tag for a bit through the living room and kitchen trying to catch him to get the phone number off his tag. I finally caught him and he began to cry. I grabbed a dish out of the cupboard and filled it was some water. I dialled the number and placed Elmo down. He got more water on the floor then in his mouth. The phone rang many times and then a man answered the phone clearly out of breath.
"Hello, Smith residence"
"Hi, My name is Victoria. While I was walking home tonight I found a cat hiding in the leaves and I think its yours"
"YOU HAVE ELMO??? Thank goodness we thought he was gone forever, we have been out looking in the neighbourhood all night. We can't thank you enough"
"Well he sort of found me. He is here safe I'm home now. My address is 65 Preston Ave if you would like to get him"
"We will be right there" and he hung up the phone.
Victoria poured herself a glass of wine, grabbed her book and her new friend and curled up on the couch. Elmo nested himself in Victoria's lap.
The doorbell rang at 65 Preston Ave and Victoria took Elmo to the door. There stood a man and a young girl. It looked like she had been crying. "Oh my Elmo" she cried out as she reached her arms out.
Victoria reluctantly handed the kitten over.
The father thanked her again and they left. Victoria watched her new friend go back to his home. She sighed. Closed the door and walked back to the couch, grabbed the cordless phone and dialled up her fiancé Justin. "Justin speaking" he answered.
Without even a hello Victoria asked "Can we get a kitten?"
Justin laughed on the other end. "A stuffed animal one for sure"
"No a real one, that purrs" Victoria explained.
Justin still laughing replied. "What are we going to name it?"
"Elmo the second" Victoria stated strongly.
"The second? How can we have a second without having a first" Justin questioned.
"Just because we can!" Victoria replied back.

The Closet

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Here is one of the creative writing short stories that I have been writing.

The alarm rings beside me for the second time. I don't want to get up, I have so much to do around the house I just want to stay in bed. I press the snooze button one more time. As I lay there in the comfort of my quilt staring at the ceiling going over my to-do list in my head I see a small light out of the corner of my eye. I sit up slowly and look at the direction of my closet. The crack at the bottom of the door is glowing an blue light. I wonder if I'm still dreaming and I pinch myself. Ouch that hurt, okay this is real. I wonder what is inside.
Carefully I pull open the closet door ready for something to jump out at me. I fling open the door and jump back. Nothing jumps out...I peek inside and there is a door on the back wall of my closet. The whole door is glowing. It is pounding like my heart, fast, thumpthump- thumpthump. I pinch myself to see if I'm really awake. Ouch it hurts, so this isn't a dream. I know this door wasn't here before. I have explored every inch of this closet trying to jam all my clothes inside of it. I stare at the door glowing and pounding, I can feel it drawing me near. I can smell the clean fresh smell of rain and the sweet smell of blooming flowers and ripe fruit. The smell is intoxicating and my heart relaxes as I breathe in deep.
As I step closer to the door it opens on its own. I am no longer afraid of what is on the other side. My feet seem to be moving towards the glowing light at the end of a long hall. As I move slowly down the hall the smells become stronger and I can hear the sound of water flowing. My feet move quicker towards the inviting smells, sounds and sights of this mystery room.
I round the corner and enter a small but luxurious room. The walls painted a light yellow are covered in paintings of ocean landscapes. The one wall has floor to ceiling windows that let in the rays of the early morning sunshine. The room contained a few pieces of furniture made of dark wood. A four post bed, covered in silk sheets and large pillows was placed in the center of the large room. A large wardrobe contained fairy tale princesses gowns in all colors of the rainbow. I strip from my pyjamas and reach for the purple gown. It fit like a glove. Spinning around and around laughing like a child I flop down onto the bed staring at the ceiling. Breathing it all in I think to myself. I must be dreaming.
The sound of footsteps on the wooden floor startle me to a seated position. Before me stood the most handsome man I had ever seen. His dark hair swept over his chocolate eyes that sparkled in the sun. His strong jaw line framed a large smile of perfectly white teeth. His muscles from his broad chest and large arms were visible through his tight suit.
"Hello my Princess" his deep voice washed over my ears.
"hhhii" I stutter back.
"Would you like to take a ride with me?" he motions to his white horse standing outside the windows.
I smile and nod my head. His hand reaches out to mine and we walk hand and hand.
"I hope this isn't a dream" I whisper to myself.
"Dreams do come true" Prince Charming whispers back.

Slice of life Tuesdays- Chapter 13

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The day had been going quick I was in a good mood because the sun was coming out and the rain

had stopped. I was on my way back to the shop in a standard Saturn ion. I'm just starting to

get comfortable driving standard so I was concentrating on shifting without staling. The car was beeping and the words novis essence go across the dashboard. I had no idea what that meant so I just kept on driving.

I'm in my own little world the light turns green I slowly take my foot off the clutch and give the car some gas and the car dies. I curse myself for staling and try to start it again. Now the car won't even start!! I look down and I am out of gas. I turn on my hazards and give

the shop a call for someone to come save me.

I already feel bad as the traffic behind me starts to pile up and I sit there just staring straight ahead. I watch this old man in a blue shirt with a rip up the whole side wearing a toque in July

and pants too small for him. He is pushing a cart full of plastic bottles. He gets to the other side of the street and then starts walking towards my car.

He starts yelling at me "put up your hood! Then people will know you are stuck."

"I have my lights on. This is not my car I don't know how to pop the hood." I reply quietly.

He goes off on how I have made such a lineup behind me. He gets behind my car and starts

pushing me into the middle of the intersection without telling me while traffic is coming. I quickly throw on the E-Brake to stop him and at this point I'm mad now. I am very grateful that he wants to help but I wanted to do things safely.

I tell him to stop pushing and wait for the traffic to stop.

Then he starts to yell again. "I'm going to call the police on you because you don't want to move your car. You are a terrible driver you should get off the road."

I felt like screaming back at him, telling him that if he would have asked if I needed his help to move my car I would have gladly accepted it but now I just want him to help me so that he will go away and stop bothering me.

He gives my car a push then just leaves me with it running beside it down and slight slope. I jump in and take it around the corner and he is gone. A few moments later Sheldon appeared with some gas. I was still pretty upset, going over the situation again and again. I felt bad enough myself that I was stalled I don't think it was necessary to be yelled at. But that's what you get on the road.

Slice of life Tuesdays- Chapter 12

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Noon on a Saturday afternoon. A sea of green gets on a bus to drive 2 hours to cheer on the 2007 Grey Cup Champions of the CFL---The Saskatchewan Rough Riders.

My brother planned a bus trip for the season opener of the Riders. Three months ago a bus was booked and 45 tickets were put on hold. It didn't take long to find people to come along the trip.

The trip to Regina flew by with cheers, talking and laughing. We stopped for a bite to eat on the side of the road and every car that passed us on the highway honked at our wall of green jerseys or body paint.

The game was everything a Rider fan could hope for. A sweet victory over the Edmonton Eskimos. The bus ride home was quieter, lots of sleeping exhausted from the heat and the game.

I predict another fabulous season for the Riders. and if I'm wrong I'll still be on the bandwagon along with many others who support them no matter what! Go GREEN!

Summer Goals

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1. Write everyday

2. Read everyday

3. Start running

4. Paint- EVERYTHING!!

5. Start wedding scrapbook

6. Take lots of pictures

7. Wear sunscreen

8. Work on my golf game

9. Learn something new

10. Knit 2 pieces