Slice of life Tuesdays- Chapter 12

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Noon on a Saturday afternoon. A sea of green gets on a bus to drive 2 hours to cheer on the 2007 Grey Cup Champions of the CFL---The Saskatchewan Rough Riders.

My brother planned a bus trip for the season opener of the Riders. Three months ago a bus was booked and 45 tickets were put on hold. It didn't take long to find people to come along the trip.

The trip to Regina flew by with cheers, talking and laughing. We stopped for a bite to eat on the side of the road and every car that passed us on the highway honked at our wall of green jerseys or body paint.

The game was everything a Rider fan could hope for. A sweet victory over the Edmonton Eskimos. The bus ride home was quieter, lots of sleeping exhausted from the heat and the game.

I predict another fabulous season for the Riders. and if I'm wrong I'll still be on the bandwagon along with many others who support them no matter what! Go GREEN!


BK said...

What fun! I'm not a big sports fan, but from the pics and your excitement, I'd fit right in. Glad it was such a success. Great way to start the summer.

Kevin said...

Down here in the States, I love football and the NY Giants have been my team since I was too little to toss a ball, so last year was sweet for me (living as I do in New England Patriots country).