Slice of life Tuesdays- Chapter 14

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Justin and I grabbed a piece of gum.
"I haven't blown bubbles in forever" Justin said.
Each of us were trying to blow the biggest bubble. I was trying to blow a second bubble inside the first. Justin spitting and blowing tiny bubbles.
The orange piece of gum flew out of Justin's mouth and stuck to the dashboard for a second before it fell into my purse. Laughing so hard my stomach hurt I pick the gum out of my purse and say. "You are terrible at blowing bubbles! You have to flatten it on your tongue like this" I explain and show by sticking out my tongue.
He grabs another piece of gum and attempts to flatten his pieces. Justin sticks out his tongue and looks at his gum in the rear view mirror. I continue my bubble blowing lesson.
"Now hold the gum behind your teeth and push your tongue a bit"
Justin pushes the gum far with his tongue stretching the gum too thin.
"Don't push so much" I say. "Just a little bit then blow"
I blow a large bubble and it pops. Justin continues to work hard at the craft of bubble blowing. I pop another piece of gum into my mouth so I can create my bubble inside of a bubble. The sweet sugar and flavour filled my mouth. I chew quick trying to get the gum soft and ready. I position the gum and create the first bubble. I repositioned the leftover gum to push inside the first bubble. I push too low creating a second bubble below the first pushing the first up to touch my nose. I poke Justin to look at me because I am unable to talk. We continue blowing bubbles on the trip to breakfast when the orange, slobbery, wet mass flies from Justin's mouth on the dashboard again. We both couldn't stop laughing. We both agreed that maybe this lesson was done for the moment.


debrennersmith said...

This is so funny and descriptive.

pati said...

I loved reading about your bubble blowing lesson. Funny, I don't think I ever heard of any one blowing a bubble inside another bubble with gum. You must be a talented bubble gum aficionado!