Slice of life Tuesdays- Chapter 13

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The day had been going quick I was in a good mood because the sun was coming out and the rain

had stopped. I was on my way back to the shop in a standard Saturn ion. I'm just starting to

get comfortable driving standard so I was concentrating on shifting without staling. The car was beeping and the words novis essence go across the dashboard. I had no idea what that meant so I just kept on driving.

I'm in my own little world the light turns green I slowly take my foot off the clutch and give the car some gas and the car dies. I curse myself for staling and try to start it again. Now the car won't even start!! I look down and I am out of gas. I turn on my hazards and give

the shop a call for someone to come save me.

I already feel bad as the traffic behind me starts to pile up and I sit there just staring straight ahead. I watch this old man in a blue shirt with a rip up the whole side wearing a toque in July

and pants too small for him. He is pushing a cart full of plastic bottles. He gets to the other side of the street and then starts walking towards my car.

He starts yelling at me "put up your hood! Then people will know you are stuck."

"I have my lights on. This is not my car I don't know how to pop the hood." I reply quietly.

He goes off on how I have made such a lineup behind me. He gets behind my car and starts

pushing me into the middle of the intersection without telling me while traffic is coming. I quickly throw on the E-Brake to stop him and at this point I'm mad now. I am very grateful that he wants to help but I wanted to do things safely.

I tell him to stop pushing and wait for the traffic to stop.

Then he starts to yell again. "I'm going to call the police on you because you don't want to move your car. You are a terrible driver you should get off the road."

I felt like screaming back at him, telling him that if he would have asked if I needed his help to move my car I would have gladly accepted it but now I just want him to help me so that he will go away and stop bothering me.

He gives my car a push then just leaves me with it running beside it down and slight slope. I jump in and take it around the corner and he is gone. A few moments later Sheldon appeared with some gas. I was still pretty upset, going over the situation again and again. I felt bad enough myself that I was stalled I don't think it was necessary to be yelled at. But that's what you get on the road.


Kevin said...

Some people are completely insensitive. Brush it off (if you can) and realize that that dude needed to chill out a bit.

Jane Swanson said...

So sorry to hear that your "rescuers" were not helpful.
It was a great story for SOL tho'.

GirlGriot said...

Ouch! What an unpleasant encounter. How insensitive (and bizarre) of that man to threaten you with calling the police. I'm sorry you had to have him come along when you needed help! I'm sure you're not a bad driver. Running out of gas happens sometimes. It's just one of those things.

debrennersmith said...

So sorry that this happened to you. I am so glad that you are safe and ok.

pati said...

I can't even imagine having to deal with this situation! The stress of having to sit in a car with traffic backed up behind me would be enough to deal with, without some stranger yelling at me. Thanks for sharing your story. It might remind many of us to keep that tank above a quarter.