Lost and Found

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The clock on the wall finally hit 5pm. The work week was over. I finished up the last few documents for the week and turned off my computer. Only 15 minutes later and the office was already deserted. Just me and the buzzing sounds of the florescent lights. I grabbed my keys, jacket and purse to head home to sit on the couch with a glass of red wine and a good book. I smile at the thought of my Friday evening plans. The week had been busy with meetings and deadlines and news that my favourite uncle had been diagnosed with cancer.

The parking lot was eerie with one lone car left. My purple dodge calibar. It beeps as I push the unlock button on my keys. As I get closer it looks like my tire is flat. I curse to myself. Not another thing! As I get even closer I see that not only 1 tire is flat but all four. With slash marks in them.

"God Damit " I scream." Why me!? Who the hell would do that to my car.?!"

I reach inside my purse to grab my cell phone and try calling my Dad. Voice mail. Okay what about my brother.....voicemail. Shit. Justin is working nights tonight, I'll try him anyways just to cry.....voicemail.

I look down at my BlackBerry thinking of who else I could call and see the low battery light flashing and without notice the phone shuts off. Battery too low...Well I guess I'm walking now. Its not that far home and maybe I can catch a cab on my walk.

The early fall sun was setting behind the tall evergreen trees that lined the sidewalk of the building. I wish I had a sweater with me. My heels clicked on the sidewalk as I walked home. The residential area where my office was quiet, no traffic, no other pedestrians. As I walked my mind wandered back to my glass of wine and a good book. I would be home alone tonight and I needed that me time. I wondered why I didn't walk to work more often the scenery was beautiful. The large trees that lined the street canopied over the street creating a large umbrella. The trees were starting to loose their leaves as the seasons changed.

I was brought out of my daydream by the sound of rustling in the leaves that lay beneath the trees. I turn to look over my shoulder but I don't see anyone. I pick up the pace and tell myself I'm just hearing things. I hear the sound again and this time with a soft whine. I stop and turn around to watch the leaves. They start to move and out popped the head of a tiny grey kitten. I laughed at myself being afraid of a tiny kitten. I crouch down and call out to the kitten. Slowly it came to me and I took it in my arms. It was so soft and surprisingly tame. I checked to see if it had a tag. It did. Its name was Elmo and there was a phone number to call. Unfortunately my cell phone was dead so I would have to take him home with me. I held Elmo close to my chest like a baby stroking his back. He purred so loud and strong it tickled my neck.

We finally reached home and the second I opened the room Elmo jumped out of my arms and started exploring. We played tag for a bit through the living room and kitchen trying to catch him to get the phone number off his tag. I finally caught him and he began to cry. I grabbed a dish out of the cupboard and filled it was some water. I dialled the number and placed Elmo down. He got more water on the floor then in his mouth. The phone rang many times and then a man answered the phone clearly out of breath.
"Hello, Smith residence"
"Hi, My name is Victoria. While I was walking home tonight I found a cat hiding in the leaves and I think its yours"
"YOU HAVE ELMO??? Thank goodness we thought he was gone forever, we have been out looking in the neighbourhood all night. We can't thank you enough"
"Well he sort of found me. He is here safe I'm home now. My address is 65 Preston Ave if you would like to get him"
"We will be right there" and he hung up the phone.
Victoria poured herself a glass of wine, grabbed her book and her new friend and curled up on the couch. Elmo nested himself in Victoria's lap.
The doorbell rang at 65 Preston Ave and Victoria took Elmo to the door. There stood a man and a young girl. It looked like she had been crying. "Oh my Elmo" she cried out as she reached her arms out.
Victoria reluctantly handed the kitten over.
The father thanked her again and they left. Victoria watched her new friend go back to his home. She sighed. Closed the door and walked back to the couch, grabbed the cordless phone and dialled up her fiancé Justin. "Justin speaking" he answered.
Without even a hello Victoria asked "Can we get a kitten?"
Justin laughed on the other end. "A stuffed animal one for sure"
"No a real one, that purrs" Victoria explained.
Justin still laughing replied. "What are we going to name it?"
"Elmo the second" Victoria stated strongly.
"The second? How can we have a second without having a first" Justin questioned.
"Just because we can!" Victoria replied back.