The Closet

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Here is one of the creative writing short stories that I have been writing.

The alarm rings beside me for the second time. I don't want to get up, I have so much to do around the house I just want to stay in bed. I press the snooze button one more time. As I lay there in the comfort of my quilt staring at the ceiling going over my to-do list in my head I see a small light out of the corner of my eye. I sit up slowly and look at the direction of my closet. The crack at the bottom of the door is glowing an blue light. I wonder if I'm still dreaming and I pinch myself. Ouch that hurt, okay this is real. I wonder what is inside.
Carefully I pull open the closet door ready for something to jump out at me. I fling open the door and jump back. Nothing jumps out...I peek inside and there is a door on the back wall of my closet. The whole door is glowing. It is pounding like my heart, fast, thumpthump- thumpthump. I pinch myself to see if I'm really awake. Ouch it hurts, so this isn't a dream. I know this door wasn't here before. I have explored every inch of this closet trying to jam all my clothes inside of it. I stare at the door glowing and pounding, I can feel it drawing me near. I can smell the clean fresh smell of rain and the sweet smell of blooming flowers and ripe fruit. The smell is intoxicating and my heart relaxes as I breathe in deep.
As I step closer to the door it opens on its own. I am no longer afraid of what is on the other side. My feet seem to be moving towards the glowing light at the end of a long hall. As I move slowly down the hall the smells become stronger and I can hear the sound of water flowing. My feet move quicker towards the inviting smells, sounds and sights of this mystery room.
I round the corner and enter a small but luxurious room. The walls painted a light yellow are covered in paintings of ocean landscapes. The one wall has floor to ceiling windows that let in the rays of the early morning sunshine. The room contained a few pieces of furniture made of dark wood. A four post bed, covered in silk sheets and large pillows was placed in the center of the large room. A large wardrobe contained fairy tale princesses gowns in all colors of the rainbow. I strip from my pyjamas and reach for the purple gown. It fit like a glove. Spinning around and around laughing like a child I flop down onto the bed staring at the ceiling. Breathing it all in I think to myself. I must be dreaming.
The sound of footsteps on the wooden floor startle me to a seated position. Before me stood the most handsome man I had ever seen. His dark hair swept over his chocolate eyes that sparkled in the sun. His strong jaw line framed a large smile of perfectly white teeth. His muscles from his broad chest and large arms were visible through his tight suit.
"Hello my Princess" his deep voice washed over my ears.
"hhhii" I stutter back.
"Would you like to take a ride with me?" he motions to his white horse standing outside the windows.
I smile and nod my head. His hand reaches out to mine and we walk hand and hand.
"I hope this isn't a dream" I whisper to myself.
"Dreams do come true" Prince Charming whispers back.