Destructive Creativity

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Creative destruction is a term that refers to the act of making a physical change to an object, blank page or space. It is based on the premise that if you alter an object in some way, you are in fact participating in a creative experience (regardless of the outcome). The intent of creative destruction is to move beyond aesthetic judgements of whether a mark/alteration is good or bad, but instead to allow the mark to exist as documentation of a physical experience or as kind of expression. While the term “destruction” has historically had a negative connotation, in this context it is used to imply simply “alteration”.

A couple blogs that a read have inspired me to Wreck This Journal!
Everyday Snapshots and TwoWritingTeachers posted about their newest project/challenge to Wreck This Journal. A truley wonderful idea by Keri Smith that asks you to use Creative Destruction to alter this journal. You are NOT allowed to keep it clean and pretty, but rather encouraged and demanded to spill on it, rip it, drive over it!

I went to McNally yesterday and grabbed a copy myself to start wrecking. This is something I would never do. My notebooks and journals are nice and neat so this will be a challenge for me to create something like this. I'm looking forward to this project and I encourage others to start Wrecking thier own journals.


Anonymous said...

May the wrecking ball strike!