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My vein of gold journey has started off slow...morning pages were not completed this week at all, my body just did not want to wake up!

I did a couple Daily Walks which was fabulous, I am starting to love this city more.

I also completed my artist date at my favorite coffee shop. It's nice to just get out of the house with my notebook and enjoy a good carmal steamer and peice of pie!

I got a lot accomplished on my Narrative Timeline notes and this weekend I want to start writing out my narriative time line. I had a lot of trouble with my younger years so hopefully stuff coms to me as I write.

Wreck this jounral

Here are some pics of a few pages I have WRECKED!

Wedding Planning has started up again. I did an inventory of decorations today and counted 207 snowflakes! The hall will look like it is snowing inside! I hope anyways. We have a meeting with the minister next friday to discuss details for the service and officially set a time. I want to get started on making invitations ASAP!

We also have engagment pictures that night! I'm very excited!!

I got my wedding shoes---2 pairs! One dress pair and one pair of fuzzy boots to wear outside in the snow for pics!

I hope this is a productive weekend!!


Stacey from Two Writing Teachers said...

Yeah for you! This looks splendid!