Wish You Well -Thousand Foot Crutch

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Sometimes love, feels like pain, and sometimes I wonder if it's all the same, sometimes life, feels just like rain, cause you never know, when it's gonna fall down on you

I wish you well, I wish you well, on this trip to find yourself, I wish you well, wish I could help, but I can't help you find yourself

Sometimes faith, feels like doubt, and sometimes I wonder if we'll even get out, sometimes life hurts just like now, but ya gotta know, it's all gonna
come back around

I wish you well, I wish you well, on this trip to find yourself, I wish you well, wish I could help, but I can't help you find yourself find yourself,
I can't help you find yourself, find yourself..

and we were sixteen at the time, nothing could ever change our minds, we were one step below invincible, and we always fought it, you've never been the same, you were so scared to make a name, then you threw it all away, and i wish you'd come back now.

I wish you well, I wish you well, on this trip to find yourself, I wish you well, wish I could help, but I can't help you find yourself, I wish you well,
I wish you well, on this trip to find yourself, I wish you well, wish I could help, but I can't help you find you
I wish you well, I wish you well, on this trip to find yourself, I wish you well, wish I could help, but I can't help you find yourself
find yourself,
I can't help you find yourself,
find yourself,
I can't help you find yourself...

This is one my new favourite songs!!!

Slice of life Tuesdays

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I was driving at work when my cell phone rang. It was Cheryl a fellow teacher. We chatted about my interview and how to keep a positive attitude about the job hunt. Then she asked if I could join her sonja and crystal for supper my choice. I picked avacado a new Mexican reasurant. When I got there I realized that it was an early birthday supper for me.

The meal was wonderful. I love sweet potato fries. We also shared a fantastic browie for dessert.

The girls gave me a chicken cookbook which is amazing because I Love chicken.

thanks for the great evening ladies!

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Memoir Mondays #4- Graduation

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***I have not had a chance to post in a couple of weeks. My life has been a little too busy. I was just thinking about grad so I couldn't pass this one up!***

June 11, 2004

Thirteen years of education was being celebrated in the small town of Aberdeen. The twenty-eight grads, some who had been together since the first day of Kindergarten were about to end thier routine of coming to that building with the same purpose in mind to venture out and take on new challenges, new paths. Highschool was over.

The planning of the actual ceremony went as usual. The girls did most of the planning and work as the boys sat back and watched it happen. Helping with the heavy lifting and the decision on the meal. Somedays it felt like planning a wedding for 13 different brides. We all argued over the songs and the speakers and the decorations. Things that today probably not to many people remember. I take that into consideration as I plan for my own wedding.

I spent the whole year writing about things being the "last time". The last first day of school, the last school dance, the last football game, the last final. There were a lot of lasts that year but one very important begining. The begining of our futures. I was planning on going into Arts and Science to take my prerequistes to get into the college of Education. I worried so much about going to University. I worried I was going to fail, and that I wasn't going to make any new friends and that it wasn't going to be like high school. I was wrong about 2 out of those 3. I did not fail, I did fantastic. I made some great new friends. But I was right about how un high school like it was.

I remember sitting on the stage at grad looking out into the crowd and looking around at my classmates. I was very proud of all of us. We had overcome HUGE challenges and obstacles in our young lives. We had made memories, shared laughs and tears that will be stuck in my head forever. When a few of us get together now we pull out the memories and laugh even harder now.

Four years later a lot has changed. Many people are getting married, some have babies, others have traveled the world, some no one knows where they are. Our lives took us away from each other so we don't see or talk to each other everyday like we once used to. But I know that if I ever needed one of them, I could call and they would be there.

Some of the girls at the banquet

Josh and I walking into the ceremony

Eating supper with our McDonalds bibs!!

Rain delays test driving family supper and wii!

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This weekend was supposed to be when we resided the house. The weather was not in our favor. Rain stopped us from starting anything until Sunday. The old shutters came off and old paint was scraped and the trim got a first cost of paint. I hope we can find more time soon but next 4 weekends are booked!
On Friday we test drove a dodge caliber that I really liked driving at my job. Justin was not overly impressed with the car and we were both not impressed with the very pushy salesman. I know that is his job but he wanted us to make a decision right now and we wanted to go home and have a chance to talk about it. Buying a car is a big decision and we will not be going back to buy that car from him!
For fathers day we hosted supper for both of our moms and dads and a couple of our siblings that could make it. We cooked a roast on the bbq which was amazing and we had fantastic desserts. It is still kinds wired for me to see my parents leave my house but I really like having all the family over for good food wine and visiting.
Friday night we played wii at a friends place and fell in love. So at 730 the next morning we called walmart to see if they had any in stock. They had 2 so we raced over there and bought one. My arms are killing me from all the sports games. There is even a figure skating game! It was a great way to pass the time on a rainy Saturday night.
The weekend was not productive in terms of renovations but it was fun and that's what weekends are all about!
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My new job is driving around picking up cars to bring back to get inspected. I get to drive some nice cars and its a good test drive on my hunt for a new car.
This driving can be kind of stressful with traffic and contruction. Today on my way back to the shop I was behind and to the left of this truck hauling large triangular shapes that I think are used for roofing. They stuckout far on the right side and he got to close to the sidewalk and hit a streetlight post. The head of the light came crashing down; I slamed on my brakes as the lamp hit the pavement and shattered glass everywhere. It made my heart stop for a second. I carefully made it 1 more block back to the shop.
Driving is not the job for me. I don't know how semi drivers taxi cabs drivers and bus drivers do it everyday. I would rather be the passenger and enjoy the view.
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Slice of Life Tuesdays- Chapter 10

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**better late then never right??**

Another Tuesday night bowling in Aberdeen, another night of bringing a box and bag or two of stuff still in my room there. Last night it was a very quick summer clothes grab from the last closet with clothes in it. I knew I had more than 2 pairs of Capri and I found all the rest of them which was great because I have had NO luck with Capri shopping this summer so far. There is one problem, my new house, my new room is shared with my fiance Justin. At the present moment the closets are split 50/50. I have the right side and he has the left. We also put a bar in our other smaller closet that just had shelves in it for our pants which is pretty much 50/50. I have now run into a problem. My summer clothes have no where to go!

In my old room I had a closet and 2 large dressers, all of which were full. Now sharing a couple small closets and a small dresser just isn't the same. I know the best solution would be to go threw the clothes and throw some away...but that is never any fun. Unfortunately I think that may be my only solution. Who really needs a tank top in EVERY color! lol

Memoir Mondays #3- Food For Thought

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Saturday mornings before our family would be off to the city for shopping my mom would meet her friends at the only restaurant in town. Halfway down main street a small building, faded siding and a small deck on the front with orange metal table and chairs. Cars and trucks parked on both sides of the street, bikes may on the grass beside the restaurant as many stopped in as routine for their daily dose of town gossip. I would usually go with my mom Saturday mornings for my Cinnamon bun and chocolate milk breakfast. I would sit there listening to the conversation, watching the other tables as the place filled up to capacity. I remember when coffee went up from $1 to $1.25, it was quite a commotion. I remember many family bike rides to the coffee shop for ice cream- half maple walnut and half cherry cheese cake in a dish. No cone for me.
The Pope family took over the restaurant and it was renamed Gordie's Eatery and Catering. The walls were painted and the floor replaced with yellow and blue tile. Saturday morning coffee continued and I sometimes went but my friends and I had our own coffee meeting time after school. We would try and sit at the table where there was a cut out into the kitchen where we could talk with Gordie and give him our orders through there. We had many favorites; he made the BEST poutine ever, whenever he had chicken lemon rice soup on the whole school came down at lunch. He would tell us the night before so we could be the first there. Chicken quessedilla were a top choice for me and the ultimate: Deep Fried Pickles. I know it sounds terrible but Dallas and I would devour these boiling hot, greasy, sticks of pickle coated in a batter dipped in the "special" sauce.
The restaurant got a slush puppie machine one summer which for a small town was the equivalent to a 7-11 Slurpee machine. The sweet/sour colored ice drinks were a favorite for all. Rainbow tongues and teeth appeared after you had one and if you had more then 2 blue slush puppies in one day your insides turned blue. If you bought a medium one you got a sucker to go with it. I don't know how my teeth didn't rot off that summer with my consumption of slush puppies and ice cream.
The coffee shop was were many plans were made and stories and secrets were told. It was not fine dining. It was small town burgers and fries, endless cups of coffee, gossip central. It closed a few years ago and is now the senior centre. Everytime I drive by I think back to all the laughs shared and memories made of growing up in a small town.