Slice of Life Tuesdays- Chapter 10

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**better late then never right??**

Another Tuesday night bowling in Aberdeen, another night of bringing a box and bag or two of stuff still in my room there. Last night it was a very quick summer clothes grab from the last closet with clothes in it. I knew I had more than 2 pairs of Capri and I found all the rest of them which was great because I have had NO luck with Capri shopping this summer so far. There is one problem, my new house, my new room is shared with my fiance Justin. At the present moment the closets are split 50/50. I have the right side and he has the left. We also put a bar in our other smaller closet that just had shelves in it for our pants which is pretty much 50/50. I have now run into a problem. My summer clothes have no where to go!

In my old room I had a closet and 2 large dressers, all of which were full. Now sharing a couple small closets and a small dresser just isn't the same. I know the best solution would be to go threw the clothes and throw some away...but that is never any fun. Unfortunately I think that may be my only solution. Who really needs a tank top in EVERY color! lol


alotalot said...

Every one needs a tank top in every colour!

Get some rubbermaid containers that fit under the bed.

BK said...

I so remember the issue of space. UGH! I dreaded the change of seasons. Are you planning a move anytime soon?
If not...maybe it's time for spring cleaning and a bit of shopping.

Stacey from Two Writing Teachers said...

Under the bed storage... that's what I do!

GirlGriot said...

I'd definitely go for season-swap storage: winter clothes stored under the bed or on a high closet shelf, and then there's room for summer. That's actually my project for tomorrow, the big switch. Our weather's really turned, and I need my nice cotton collection in the closet!

Good luck!