Rain delays test driving family supper and wii!

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This weekend was supposed to be when we resided the house. The weather was not in our favor. Rain stopped us from starting anything until Sunday. The old shutters came off and old paint was scraped and the trim got a first cost of paint. I hope we can find more time soon but next 4 weekends are booked!
On Friday we test drove a dodge caliber that I really liked driving at my job. Justin was not overly impressed with the car and we were both not impressed with the very pushy salesman. I know that is his job but he wanted us to make a decision right now and we wanted to go home and have a chance to talk about it. Buying a car is a big decision and we will not be going back to buy that car from him!
For fathers day we hosted supper for both of our moms and dads and a couple of our siblings that could make it. We cooked a roast on the bbq which was amazing and we had fantastic desserts. It is still kinds wired for me to see my parents leave my house but I really like having all the family over for good food wine and visiting.
Friday night we played wii at a friends place and fell in love. So at 730 the next morning we called walmart to see if they had any in stock. They had 2 so we raced over there and bought one. My arms are killing me from all the sports games. There is even a figure skating game! It was a great way to pass the time on a rainy Saturday night.
The weekend was not productive in terms of renovations but it was fun and that's what weekends are all about!
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