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My new job is driving around picking up cars to bring back to get inspected. I get to drive some nice cars and its a good test drive on my hunt for a new car.
This driving can be kind of stressful with traffic and contruction. Today on my way back to the shop I was behind and to the left of this truck hauling large triangular shapes that I think are used for roofing. They stuckout far on the right side and he got to close to the sidewalk and hit a streetlight post. The head of the light came crashing down; I slamed on my brakes as the lamp hit the pavement and shattered glass everywhere. It made my heart stop for a second. I carefully made it 1 more block back to the shop.
Driving is not the job for me. I don't know how semi drivers taxi cabs drivers and bus drivers do it everyday. I would rather be the passenger and enjoy the view.
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GirlGriot said...

Scary! Thank goodness for your good reflexes, Ashley!