Memoir Mondays #4- Graduation

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***I have not had a chance to post in a couple of weeks. My life has been a little too busy. I was just thinking about grad so I couldn't pass this one up!***

June 11, 2004

Thirteen years of education was being celebrated in the small town of Aberdeen. The twenty-eight grads, some who had been together since the first day of Kindergarten were about to end thier routine of coming to that building with the same purpose in mind to venture out and take on new challenges, new paths. Highschool was over.

The planning of the actual ceremony went as usual. The girls did most of the planning and work as the boys sat back and watched it happen. Helping with the heavy lifting and the decision on the meal. Somedays it felt like planning a wedding for 13 different brides. We all argued over the songs and the speakers and the decorations. Things that today probably not to many people remember. I take that into consideration as I plan for my own wedding.

I spent the whole year writing about things being the "last time". The last first day of school, the last school dance, the last football game, the last final. There were a lot of lasts that year but one very important begining. The begining of our futures. I was planning on going into Arts and Science to take my prerequistes to get into the college of Education. I worried so much about going to University. I worried I was going to fail, and that I wasn't going to make any new friends and that it wasn't going to be like high school. I was wrong about 2 out of those 3. I did not fail, I did fantastic. I made some great new friends. But I was right about how un high school like it was.

I remember sitting on the stage at grad looking out into the crowd and looking around at my classmates. I was very proud of all of us. We had overcome HUGE challenges and obstacles in our young lives. We had made memories, shared laughs and tears that will be stuck in my head forever. When a few of us get together now we pull out the memories and laugh even harder now.

Four years later a lot has changed. Many people are getting married, some have babies, others have traveled the world, some no one knows where they are. Our lives took us away from each other so we don't see or talk to each other everyday like we once used to. But I know that if I ever needed one of them, I could call and they would be there.

Some of the girls at the banquet

Josh and I walking into the ceremony

Eating supper with our McDonalds bibs!!