Memoir Monday- No buses day

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Today it was -31 degrees Celsius and with the wind it felt like -41 degrees Celsius. That means the buses to schools don't run, and that is every kids dream during the winder months of school. The bus kids got a movie day at home and for the town kids that came to school to meant a fun gym and computer day.
Growing up I was a town kid- I lived across the street from the school so my mom always make me walk the 50 steps to school even if the buses weren't running and there were only 30 kids in the whole school.
There was one winter when I was in high school that was exceptionally warm for Saskatchewan. In the -30's but no windchill so the buses were still going. Some students were willing to do anything for a no school day because the buses were not running. So one day a few buses didn't run because someone had unplugged them so they wouldn't start. The rest of the week random buses didn't run because they were mysteriously unplugged. (I had nothing to do with the unplugging--just the story I heard in the gossip train).
Unfortunatly this did not result in a full blown no bus day when there was almost no one in school but it did mess up a lot of class schedules because a lot of students were missing.
As a teacher now I not sure how I feel about the snow days----yes it was fun to just hang out, make crafts and play in the gym today but now the whole week is bumped back another day and the weather does not look like its going to be any warmer tomorrow.....please buses run please!!!

Slice of Life Tuesdays

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It's finally looking like winter, the world outside my window is white.
Unfortunately the snow cannot be left untouched on the sidewalks and it is your job as a homeowner to shovel your sidewalk within 48 hours of snow or you can get fined.
Today it was beautiful out and I decided I would be a good neighbor and I shoveled all the houses on my part of the street. I shoveled mine and 4 other houses. It felt really good to help out my neighbors in this busy time of year! I know my arms are going to be feeling the pain of shoveling tomorrow.

Memoir Monday

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Winter Memories

The past few winters have been cold but there has not been much snow. When I was younger I remember walls and mountains of snow. Some mornings the snow would be drifted up our front door so high I wondered if we were ever going to get out of our house.

In school we would create these HUGE snow forts and houses. The one game I remember that we would play was "star trek". We made this space ship that had a bunch of different rooms and we even had one of those "beam" machines. If the teachers would have let us we would have stayed out and played in the snow all day.

I can't remember why but the one year they piled all the snow from the streets behind the school and they created this huge hill that went the whole length of the football field. It was the perfect hill for a snowball fight war. Of course it was frowned upon to throw snowballs---for good reason, they really hurt. But one day when the snow was not so icy Mr. Proznick joined in our snowball fight.

I have always wanted to write a story about there being a snowstorm at school and everyone gets trapped in the school for a weekend and what chaos would happen!! Maybe I'll still write it.

I grew up in a house with a flat roof which is very unpractical for the winter. The snow would pile and pile and get very heavy and sometimes it would cause our ceiling to dip and leak, so every winter a couple times a year we have to climb on the roof of the house and shovel the snow off of it. A couple winters ago my mom, my brother and I were on the roof shoveling snow and instead of using the ladder Adam and I jumped off the roof into our front lawn of fluff. We sunk right to the grass but it was awesome.

The snow lightly falls tonight and I think about all the good memories of snow and I can't wait to make more!!

Scrap Your Day- November

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A lazy Tuesday- slept in hung out at home sorting photos, shopping and finally getting a suit for my ring bearer. Curling game which we lost really bad but always have fun!!

JYC- December 2

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Winter is my favorite eason and I am obsessed with snowflakes. I love how the snow transfroms the brown dead ground into a magical fairytale world.

I love how silently it falls and it srunches as you walk on it. I love playing in the snow and just dancing as the snow fallas down on me.

It has been unually warm and so far we have had just a bit of snow. I'm praying it comes soon.

Snow gives me hope and makes me smile.

JYC- December 1

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Starting today, December 1st, I will keep a Christmas Journal. In it I will write something everyday to reflect on the holidays of the past, enjoy the holidays of the present and dream about the holidays of the future.

I am taking back my Christmas and making something with me own hands, my own words, my own heart and my own memories.

Journal Your Christmas

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My favorite time of year is just around the corner---Christmas! Every year I have great intentions of capturing and remembering the year in photos to scrapbook, but sadly I end up with a few or no pictures and no documentation. So this year I decided to take Shimelle Journal Your Christmas class (Check it out here )

This year Christmas is going to be extra busy with the final details of the wedding coming into place so I thought it would be important to

really try and focus on the season of Christmas!

Today I hope to get my album put together and ready for December 1st!