Slice of Life Tuesdays- Chapter 5

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I am a small town girl---Forever and Ever!

I have officially lived in "the city" aka Saskatoon for four months now. I loved being 10 minutes away from the University and the Tim Horton's just around the corner and the shopping malls, but as much as I love the connivance of living here, I don't love it.

Today I went on a biking adventure to the University to return a book to the library, drop off a parcel at Sears that was too big and relax at a coffee shop to write. This was my first big biking tour that went beyond the park beside our house. Biking in the city is WAY different when you have to deal with the traffic. I miss driving all over the road in my small town. Speaking of traffic that is one thing I really dislike about the city, the traffic noise. Sometimes at night I can hear the cars out on the streets and the big semis. Most of all I hate the smell that all the cars make, biking through the exhaust was disgusting. Where is my fresh town air? Well it wasn't always "fresh" especially when they were cleaning out the barns, secretly I don't mind that smell.

I'm still scared to venture very far from my home or to place I'm not familiar with alone. I want to go check out the trails along the river, I've never been on them. Saskatoon is really a beautiful city down by the river. I miss seeing the sunset and seeing the stars in the sky clearly. The buildings and city lights make these two things hard.

I remember biking out in Aberdeen and hearing the sounds of nature, the birds, crickets, the wind, but all I heard on my ride today was honking horns and reeving engines.

Overall the bike adventure was great, I checked out a new coffee shop that I want to go back to and spent a great afternoon enjoying the sun and getting some exercise. I hope that this summer I can go on more adventures with my bike and find new and exciting things about Saskatoon. Justin and I plan to move out of the Saskatoon to an acreage but I think our home will be Saskatoon for awhile so I should start acting like a "city gurl" but I will never forget my small town roots.

Scrap Your Day Challenge

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On the 25th of every month I will be participating in Shimelle wonderful scrapbooking project where you take pictures of your day and create a lovely mini book that documents the "everyday" things in your life for a year.

I have been away from scrapbooking for awhile, but I'm trying to get back into all my hobbies and crafts and this challenge just spoke to me. So on Friday I took my camera with me on my daily adventures and snapped away and created a great first entry into my book.

I have not done any scrapbooking in a long time so I was truly out of practice. But I really enjoyed making these 2 little pages.

After I was all done taking pictures for the day it was hard to decide which pictures to use and where to place them. They are in no particular order I guess, just a general mishmash of my day.

Journaling in my scrapbook is something that I fail to do. I want to go through all the pages I have in my bigger scrapbook and journal on them. I know it is the most important part!
In the top right hand corner of the second page, these are the photos that are underneath the computer picture in a flip book format. I have never done this before but I LOVE IT!!! What a great way to have more pictures on a layout.

This was my day on the 25th of April 2008. I'm looking forward to capturing my days as the year goes on and seeing my habits and what changes.

Slice of Life Tuesdays- Chapter 4

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Tonight many people gathered to remember and celebrate the life of Mr. Sheldon Proznick. He was taken from this world April 17, 2008 so suddenly. He was a son, brother, husband, father, teacher, mentor, coach and inspiration. Sheldon Proznick was a lover of life and he spread this love of life to everyone he met.
Mr. Proznick was my gr 8. teacher in 1999/2000, where more lessons of life were learnt then historic facts and where more laughs were shared then math equations completed and where memories were made, and kept forever in our hearts.
Mr. Proznick would be found patrolling the hallways of Aberdeen school , taking away hats, but always with a smile on his face and whistling a tune. Mr. Proznick acknowledged everyone and always asked how we all were. He was always there to help a student with a math problem or personal problem and he would have done anything for his fellow colleges.
Mr. Proznick was passionate about many things; his family, golfing, the Boston Bruins, hockey, and teaching. He was an inspiration to me to become a teacher myself. I went to him for words of encouragement and advice when I was applying for the college of education just over 2 years ago. We sat and chatted a long time about teaching, school and life.
Tonight at the prayers many people from all parts of his life shared their stories of how Sheldon had touched their lives. The church was full of heartbroken people who have been touched by him in so many different ways.
I know he is in a better place now looking down upon all of us, golfing on the finest greens ever, drinking scotch and whistling.
Mr. Proznick you have had a huge impact on my life through your stories, advice and words of wisdom. You were a fantastic teacher and I am grateful to have had the pleasure to be in one of your classes. You will be greatly missed by many. Thank you

Writing Group

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Last night was the second meeting of my writing group. We spent the first part of our meeting just talking about writing in our lives and how we felt writing the activties from last week were for us and how we felt writing at home the past week. I have been making writing a habit for me so writng everyday comes easier for me now. The other women some of them struggled with the idea of writing everyday and where to start. I think my morning pages really help get me started in the day and the fact that I am a "student" that I have the time right now and I don't have a family so my free time is more then others. But even then I still have to schedule time to sit and right and justify it in my head why I should be writing and not cleaning or doing laundry---both of which need to get done. Somehow I have realized that by spending 10 mins writing in her, my notebook, whereever I am helping myself and that there will always be time for the cleaning, laundry but if I let the moment pass on a chance to write its gone.
Last night we each shared something that we wrote from our homework. It got pretty emotional and tears were flowing. I never thought I would be able to read something so personal aloud to really a group of strangers. But it was a lot of fun and the women are all so supportive and caring. I'm really glad I joined this group. It's given me a reason to put the pen to the paper and to open my mind to new ideas.
Thanks Ladies!

I remember...

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I remember when my transportation was my bike and we would ride all day and all night
now I drive everywhere.

I remember when being a teacher was just a dream
but not it is a reality

I remember dressing like the Spice Girls
and now laughing at the picture of us
I remember my dial-up Internet, so slow....
and now its lightening speed
I remember a time when things were easier, simpler
and now life just seems so complicated

Senryu- Human Hiaku

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blank paper awaits

for inspirational words

to spill from the pen

Slice of Life Tuesdays- Chapter 3

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My study break today turned into a mini shopping spree for summer clothes. I was in the process of putting away my winter clothes to make room for my summer clothes the other night when I made a bigger pile of clothes to go to the Salvation Army then went into my closet. Although it's not quite warm enough for me yet to be pulling out the shorts and skirts my debit card thought I could use some new summer things. I still had a gift card from Old Navy from last summer that I had not used yet so I took my shopping adventure there.

I walked in and was hit by the huge amount of bathing suits. I would also like a new bathing suit to add to my collection of 5 I already own. I skimmed the bathing suit section finding a purple 2 piece which I regret that I did not buy. And whoever said that one piece bathing suits were lame or for "swimmers" was dearly mistaken the one piece bathing suits showed more skin then the 2 piece bathing suits!

I roamed the store in search of jean shorts, a skirt and possibly a top. I went to the change room with 15+ items. Trying each item on and spinning in front of the mirror, I honestly could just go try on clothes all day and not buy a thing! After my mini fashion show for myself I left the change room with a pair of jean shorts, a jean skirt and 2 tops.

I was about to head to the till when I saw the shoes! How could I have missed the shoes before. I tried on a pair of red wedges and fell in love. Yes I have 3 pairs of red shoes but not red wedges. (Just don't tell Justin!)
I'm going to "break in" my new shoes around the house! and get back to studying.

Couplet poem- Knitting

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Two sticks and some string
Knit 1, Purl 1 I can make anything.

Scarves, hats and mitts
make wonderful gifts.

Two Voices- Love

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loving you loving you

is what I was born to do

comes easy

Loving you Loving you

completes me completes me

You are my You are my


best friend



Our Love Our Love

is powerful


Forever Forever

***I cannot write in two colums for this two voices poem, so i hope the different fonts to show the different voices.

Recipe Poem

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Two writing teachers have started another challenge. A poetry challenge. I love poetry and I try to write poems in my journal but I often don't like them. I was not going to participate in this challenge because I really should be focusing on school and studying, but I couldn't pass it up. I'm a few days behind so I'm going to try and catch up today. Here is my first poem

How to procrastinate studying for finals


1 turned off alarm

4 favorite DVDs

1 pail of ice cream

3 trips to the mall


Turn off your alarm and sleep in till noon, wasting half of your studying day.

Stay in your pj's and pop in DVD number 1.

Start consuming the pail of ice cream (add any topping you desire- Carmel sauce is my favorite)

When DVD 1 ends go to the mall to try try on as many shoes as possible, then return to the couch for DVD # 2.

Repeat this process, until you are shopped out and your eyes are burning from the T.V.

After 1 day you will have 0$ in your bank account, sore tummy, and red eyes and finals still did not disappear.

***Repeat recipe every day for a month or just crack those books- It will be over soon and Summer will be here!

Book Club

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Last night I attended my first "Shauna Foster's Book Club" (SFBC) where we discussed Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and ate fabulous cupcakes by Cakes G'lore. I was one of the newbies there last night so I was a little nervous but everyone was very friendly and welcoming.
It was a very interesting discussion and I was intrigued by what others thought about the book as a piece of literature and as well discussing the characters actions.

I really enjoyed the book and the movie as well. It did jump around, which most people don't like but I really enjoyed the style of the book. Krakauer style of writing in this book is similar to that of a magazine article which this book sprang from.

The book tells the true story of Christopher McCandless, a young man from a well-to-do family who, after graduating from college, donated all of the money in his bank account to charity, changed his name to "Alexander Supertramp," and began a journey in the American West. Nearly two years later, McCandless was found dead in the Alaska wilderness. In the book, Krakauer draws parallels between his own experiences and motivations and those of McCandless.

We discussed many things in book club about why we thought Christopher would have gone away and not contacted anyone in his family and if any of us have ever thought of packing it all up and leaving. Everyone agreed that they would not be able to leave their family and especially not live in the wilderness. I also agree--I want to travel and I would love to back pack and live in tents and hostels. But I would not burn my money and I would phone or send messages back home to my family to let them know I was okay.

I really liked what one lady said last night about how she could relate to Chris not so much in a literal way but on the level where she was so focused on a goal like he was and nothing was going to stop her.
After our discussion Shauna drew for some prizes, Cd's and books and tickets. I didn't win anything. :( I have not been lucky with draws lately. Shauna had picked someone from the group to pick the next book for us to read. The next book is "The Girl In Saskatoon" by Sharon Butala.
It's a true story set right here in this city writen by a local author about the unsolved murder of Alexandra Wiwcharuk.
I'm looking forward to reading it. It's all sold out in the city already but I have my name on the list when they get more in.

In the meantime I'm still working on the Harry Potter books and I should crack open some textbooks and study.

Slice of Life Tuesdays- Chapter 2

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Day 1 of being finished classes at University, Day 1 of studying for my last set of finals.

Studying means I find as many other activities/chores/excuses not to study! This morning I slowly got up had breakfast and went for a quick run on the elliptical. Talked to my friend Staci on the phone then took bottles to Sarcan. I went downtown to return a dress I bought on Saturday and ended up wandering around there for an hour trying on clothes but buying nothing. Finally making it back home to eat lunch, popped in a movie and curled up on the couch and started to write my take home essay final for my art class. I wrote about a page, still have to write 3 more! I really should go study in the library away from TLC's 10 years Younger and What Not to Wear and my more exciting books and crafts. Everyone deserves a day off right!?

My mind is not focused today, the sunshine outside is calling my name to get my bike out of the shed and take it for a spin. I wish things were drier here, I really don't want mud all the way up my back. I really don't understand why I ever though that was fun when I was younger. I have this itch to get into my flower bed...I planted my first ever flower garden last summer. It was a trial run and now I think I know what I am doing and I can't wait to get back out there in the dirt. Summer is not coming fast enough!!

Olympic Gold Introduction

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I joined at the last minute a writing class online...for our introduction we had to introduce ourselves as the person you always wanted to be growing up, what we loved about the dream and why this version of yourself was going to be the best ever. We were also to include shortcomings- side of this hoped for reality you didn't see before.
While this "introduction" of myself is not entirely truthful- the dream was.

She has the elegance of a royal court, the grace of a ballerina, the balance of a tightrope walker, the endurance of a marathon runner, the strength of a high jumper, the rhythm of a dancer, and the performance of a mime.
2010 Canadian Olympic Figure Skating hopeful Ashlee is on the ice at 5:00am in a simple black dress and wrap sweater her mom had knit for her. Her blades cut into the ice, deep long strokes all around the ice; it looks like she is flying. Her long dark brown hair pulled off her face into a messy bun, wisps of loose hairs touch her cheek as she comes to the boards to stretch and visualize her program, her perfect program. She comes to the triple Lutz triple toe jump in her head and she flinches inside because she can feel the pain in her hip from the falls on that jump attempt this week.

One deep breath she pushes play on the stereo and skates to center ice and takes her position. The music starts, soft and slow and her arms open like a flower and she begins to float around the rink with intricate steps jumping and spinning with perfection. Up next the dreaded triple triple. She changes direction, prepares her arms and extends her leg back. Her toe pick digs in hard and with all the power she has she lifts herself up and around, 1, 2, 3 rotations and down to extended the leg again and pull herself up for 3 more rotations. The smile of her face extends from ear to ear as she lands with ease. A little victory pump of her arm she finishes her program closing her arms around her.

Her mind wanders to her past in her small town rink…her heart aches at the memories of being ridiculed and told she was wasting her time with all this silly “ice dancing” and the ice could better be used by the hockey team. Now she is a Medal contender for the Olympics and those hockey players play rec hockey now if they can put their skates on past their beer bellies. She can’t wait until they see her now….

The ice is a lonely place though. Her family is far away, the boy who loved her, she pushed him away. Her friends were her skate sharpener and her stuffed teddy bear. The dream of gold has been a long hard battle.

2010 Olympics come and go, year and years of training for 6 minutes of ice time. She comes in second place---not quite gold. The love of her life was there when she bowed down to have the medal placed over her neck. She ran to him and told him that as much as she wanted that gold medal it could never bring her the joy and happiness that he could bring her.

They moved back to their quite small town life, where things were simpler, happier and her heart was full of love. She teaches now, Math, English, Gym, Art sharing her love of learning with many children. She also shares her love of skating to those just starting out and afraid to fall…”It’s okay to fall” she says. “It makes you strong”.

Soul Searching

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tearing myself apart
just trying to become whole
looking in the mirror I see
everyone but me

Here I stand
dreaming hard
the rain pouring down on me

I'm in the middle of something
I don't understand

just want to sit in the passenger seat
and enjoy the view

Three Things

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Searching around the net this morning I came across a website that linked to many different blogs that give you questions or prompts to answer, or ask you to take a photograph. I used to use these sites all the time and now that I'm back at this online journaling I wanted to get back into it. I found a site that asks a daily question called

The question today was what three things you never leave the house without.
I never leave without my wallet, journal and cellphone.
If I leave without them I am LOST!!!

What three things do you never leave the house without? (post your answer here too)

Slice of Life Tuesdays- Chapter 1

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Sitting in EADM this morning chatting with my Gamma Gurls about their weekends and life. Usually Ben is up at the front, power point all ready to go waiting for us to be quiet. Today he comes in with another gentleman and tells us we are going to have a quiz. The class uproars slightly, then he says that the other guy is here from the department to take attendance to see how well April classes are attended. We all laugh at this obvious joke as we look around and see many empty seats. The guy was really here to have us fill out an evaluation on our professor. He hands out the sheets and we tick off boxes and write a few comments while the late comers find their seats.
Ben come back in the room and tells us he has good news. Our final date has been changed to the 11th of April like we wanted instead of the 28th. We all question him over and over again asking if he is serious. Day planners come out of backpacks and people write in the new final date, happy to have it earlier then later and we continue on with class. The hour and a half ends and we were all getting up to leave and Ben says:
"The final is still on the 28th, not on the 11th----April Fools!"