Writing Group

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Last night was the second meeting of my writing group. We spent the first part of our meeting just talking about writing in our lives and how we felt writing the activties from last week were for us and how we felt writing at home the past week. I have been making writing a habit for me so writng everyday comes easier for me now. The other women some of them struggled with the idea of writing everyday and where to start. I think my morning pages really help get me started in the day and the fact that I am a "student" that I have the time right now and I don't have a family so my free time is more then others. But even then I still have to schedule time to sit and right and justify it in my head why I should be writing and not cleaning or doing laundry---both of which need to get done. Somehow I have realized that by spending 10 mins writing in her, my notebook, whereever I am helping myself and that there will always be time for the cleaning, laundry but if I let the moment pass on a chance to write its gone.
Last night we each shared something that we wrote from our homework. It got pretty emotional and tears were flowing. I never thought I would be able to read something so personal aloud to really a group of strangers. But it was a lot of fun and the women are all so supportive and caring. I'm really glad I joined this group. It's given me a reason to put the pen to the paper and to open my mind to new ideas.
Thanks Ladies!