Slice of Life Tuesdays- Chapter 1

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Sitting in EADM this morning chatting with my Gamma Gurls about their weekends and life. Usually Ben is up at the front, power point all ready to go waiting for us to be quiet. Today he comes in with another gentleman and tells us we are going to have a quiz. The class uproars slightly, then he says that the other guy is here from the department to take attendance to see how well April classes are attended. We all laugh at this obvious joke as we look around and see many empty seats. The guy was really here to have us fill out an evaluation on our professor. He hands out the sheets and we tick off boxes and write a few comments while the late comers find their seats.
Ben come back in the room and tells us he has good news. Our final date has been changed to the 11th of April like we wanted instead of the 28th. We all question him over and over again asking if he is serious. Day planners come out of backpacks and people write in the new final date, happy to have it earlier then later and we continue on with class. The hour and a half ends and we were all getting up to leave and Ben says:
"The final is still on the 28th, not on the 11th----April Fools!"


Kevin said...

Oh boy
Better hit the books.

BK said...

That's VERY painful, Ashley. UGH!