Slice of Life Tuesdays- Chapter 3

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My study break today turned into a mini shopping spree for summer clothes. I was in the process of putting away my winter clothes to make room for my summer clothes the other night when I made a bigger pile of clothes to go to the Salvation Army then went into my closet. Although it's not quite warm enough for me yet to be pulling out the shorts and skirts my debit card thought I could use some new summer things. I still had a gift card from Old Navy from last summer that I had not used yet so I took my shopping adventure there.

I walked in and was hit by the huge amount of bathing suits. I would also like a new bathing suit to add to my collection of 5 I already own. I skimmed the bathing suit section finding a purple 2 piece which I regret that I did not buy. And whoever said that one piece bathing suits were lame or for "swimmers" was dearly mistaken the one piece bathing suits showed more skin then the 2 piece bathing suits!

I roamed the store in search of jean shorts, a skirt and possibly a top. I went to the change room with 15+ items. Trying each item on and spinning in front of the mirror, I honestly could just go try on clothes all day and not buy a thing! After my mini fashion show for myself I left the change room with a pair of jean shorts, a jean skirt and 2 tops.

I was about to head to the till when I saw the shoes! How could I have missed the shoes before. I tried on a pair of red wedges and fell in love. Yes I have 3 pairs of red shoes but not red wedges. (Just don't tell Justin!)
I'm going to "break in" my new shoes around the house! and get back to studying.


GirlGriot said...

Gret finds! Those shoes are fab. It's too early for summer clothes here, too, but I'm going through mine tonight after class ... maybe getting ready will hurry the weather along!