Slice of Life Tuesdays- Chapter 5

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I am a small town girl---Forever and Ever!

I have officially lived in "the city" aka Saskatoon for four months now. I loved being 10 minutes away from the University and the Tim Horton's just around the corner and the shopping malls, but as much as I love the connivance of living here, I don't love it.

Today I went on a biking adventure to the University to return a book to the library, drop off a parcel at Sears that was too big and relax at a coffee shop to write. This was my first big biking tour that went beyond the park beside our house. Biking in the city is WAY different when you have to deal with the traffic. I miss driving all over the road in my small town. Speaking of traffic that is one thing I really dislike about the city, the traffic noise. Sometimes at night I can hear the cars out on the streets and the big semis. Most of all I hate the smell that all the cars make, biking through the exhaust was disgusting. Where is my fresh town air? Well it wasn't always "fresh" especially when they were cleaning out the barns, secretly I don't mind that smell.

I'm still scared to venture very far from my home or to place I'm not familiar with alone. I want to go check out the trails along the river, I've never been on them. Saskatoon is really a beautiful city down by the river. I miss seeing the sunset and seeing the stars in the sky clearly. The buildings and city lights make these two things hard.

I remember biking out in Aberdeen and hearing the sounds of nature, the birds, crickets, the wind, but all I heard on my ride today was honking horns and reeving engines.

Overall the bike adventure was great, I checked out a new coffee shop that I want to go back to and spent a great afternoon enjoying the sun and getting some exercise. I hope that this summer I can go on more adventures with my bike and find new and exciting things about Saskatoon. Justin and I plan to move out of the Saskatoon to an acreage but I think our home will be Saskatoon for awhile so I should start acting like a "city gurl" but I will never forget my small town roots.


BK said...

Same here, Ashley, I grew up in the country and longed for the city and reached a compromise, country-style at home and NYC in 30 minutes. Perfect.

LisaC said...

I, on the other hand, think you described the perfect day. When I left a New Jersey suburb for this small Ontario town, I thought I would never get used to the dark and the quiet. I miss the traffic noise and the way the night never quite settles down. (and this is after 6 years here!) When I go back to Philly, the first thing I do is drive downtown and soak up some traffic noise. :)

GirlGriot said...

I love living in a city (which we obnioxiously call "the City," as if there weren't at least a few others!), but I love-love-LOVE being out of the city. I'm working very hard to orchestrate the start of a life in a very not-urban environment (a fishing village in Jamaica). It won't happen soon, but one day ... and I'll miss the city, but not all that much!

Karen said...

I love both the city and the country -- but for me, the city is where I visit. The more remote place is where I decompress and relax. I understand your dilemma.