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Last night I attended my first "Shauna Foster's Book Club" (SFBC) where we discussed Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and ate fabulous cupcakes by Cakes G'lore. I was one of the newbies there last night so I was a little nervous but everyone was very friendly and welcoming.
It was a very interesting discussion and I was intrigued by what others thought about the book as a piece of literature and as well discussing the characters actions.

I really enjoyed the book and the movie as well. It did jump around, which most people don't like but I really enjoyed the style of the book. Krakauer style of writing in this book is similar to that of a magazine article which this book sprang from.

The book tells the true story of Christopher McCandless, a young man from a well-to-do family who, after graduating from college, donated all of the money in his bank account to charity, changed his name to "Alexander Supertramp," and began a journey in the American West. Nearly two years later, McCandless was found dead in the Alaska wilderness. In the book, Krakauer draws parallels between his own experiences and motivations and those of McCandless.

We discussed many things in book club about why we thought Christopher would have gone away and not contacted anyone in his family and if any of us have ever thought of packing it all up and leaving. Everyone agreed that they would not be able to leave their family and especially not live in the wilderness. I also agree--I want to travel and I would love to back pack and live in tents and hostels. But I would not burn my money and I would phone or send messages back home to my family to let them know I was okay.

I really liked what one lady said last night about how she could relate to Chris not so much in a literal way but on the level where she was so focused on a goal like he was and nothing was going to stop her.
After our discussion Shauna drew for some prizes, Cd's and books and tickets. I didn't win anything. :( I have not been lucky with draws lately. Shauna had picked someone from the group to pick the next book for us to read. The next book is "The Girl In Saskatoon" by Sharon Butala.
It's a true story set right here in this city writen by a local author about the unsolved murder of Alexandra Wiwcharuk.
I'm looking forward to reading it. It's all sold out in the city already but I have my name on the list when they get more in.

In the meantime I'm still working on the Harry Potter books and I should crack open some textbooks and study.


dnsvm said...

This is the book we are reading too for our book club! I am having a tough time plodding through it as well, however, there have been moments that have me riveted. Like when Alex met the 87ish old man and how they became friends. Part of me is still grasping for some other reason that this is significant. At the point I am at now, Alex seems like a idealistic drifter with a lust for the wandering life.

On a different note, I hadn't thought of showing up with cupcakes and now am trying to figure out some sort of theme cupcakes I could make for our meeting! :)