Creative Journey

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On my search for more creativity this summer I just started Julia Camerons A Vein of Gold after I completed her "The Artist's Way" book. I need to keep pushing myself to look deeper inside me and believe in my artist.

A quote from her book that really struck me:

"Art is made through a series of moments--choices--leading each to the next. Life is made in the same way." (p. 12).

I really want to merge my art and my life together.

Julia Cameron book outlines a few activities that are done on a regular basis.

#1 Morning Pages- 3 pages written by hand in a journal/notebook about anything that comes to your mind. It is not pretty writing, do not reread your morning pages, just write to get it out on paper.

#2 Artist Dates- Time spent alone to nurture your artist. Example: going to a museum, playing with pastels, buying stickers at the dollar store. It does not have to cost you anything, just time with creativity.

# 3 Creative Cluster- Build a group of people who you can go to for support and nurturing.

# 4 Daily Walks- 20 minute daily walk and one 1 hr long walk a week. During your walks Julia asks you to walk prayerfully and think of all the things you are grateful for. The task of walking prayerfully, listing and vocalizing gratitude is important for the process. What you are actually doing is gaining altitude so that you can see life from a higher perspective, where you are able to recognize many more choices.

# 5 Imagic Nation- Also on your walks her task for you is to enter our imagic-nation through walking asks us to “Think about what you’d like more of, what you’d like less of, what would make you happier, which things make you glad” (p. 37). Finally, Cameron suggests making a list of twenty things I would like to have manifest in my life—material, spiritual, intellectual, artistic.

Here is the start of my list...

  1. calm and optimism related to my work

  2. time for quiet reflection in each day

  3. more connection to outdoor things—more time spent in the outdoors

  4. a feeling of belonging in my community and culture

  5. gratitude (mine, felt for other people and things)

  6. daily reading

  7. daily knitting.

  8. A regular spiritual practice

  9. A sense of balance

  10. Comfort in showing my full self to the world

  11. Strengthened connections to friends near & far

  12. Start writing again

  13. Travel, seeing new places, whether big trips (some day) or day trips (today!) – just to get out there on a regular basis and see more of the world

  14. More long talks with mom

  15. To wake up every morning excited about the day that’s ahead (not still exhausted, not reluctant to start the day, not anxious about what needs to get done)
  16. Create a creative space
  17. A belief in my talents
  18. A new car

Today I start my journey to find my Vein of Gold and become closer to my inner self...