Slice of life writing challenge - Day 2

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"Live your life with an open heart." That is the challenge the minister of the church that Justin and I have started going to gave us today.
The idea of living with an open heart I think scares most people because living with an open heart means you are vulnerable and you may get hurt. And yes this is true but by not living with an open heart you are closing yourself off from feeling completely loved and the feeling of being full and whole.
I know I have walls up around my heart and my that impacts all parts of my life. I think a lot with my heart, it guides me and pulls me through my day and when it gets bumped I hide and cry, which I know does not solve anything. When I live with walls up around my heart, I lose out on so many wonderful feelings of joy and celebration that I could receive from the people and things around me.
I am trying to open my heart to the world of writing. I have a terrible inner censor that hides words and tells my heart that the words my hands write are not good enough. But living with a open heart I know that I can grow and learn and become a fulfilled person and learn about myself and others.

So I challenge you this week to live with an open heart. Open your arms and mind to new things and new ideas. Let that heart feel and know love in its fullest. Love yourself the most!


GirlGriot said...

I like your challenge ... even though it scares me some. Thanks for the SOL story!