Slice of life writing challenge - Day 21

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"Here is a banana loaf I made today for you guys and I have some pizza buns in the freezer and some cabbage rolls too. Oh and do you want to take this bran muffin mix? What about this leftover salad?"

So one Easter supper and we came back home and filled our fridge and freezer with goodies. On the way home Justin and I were giggling how our moms love to feed us and they are always sending food home with us when we go there or just drop it off at our house. Bread, buns, cookies, soup you name it we get it! I love it so much. I was not a cook before I moved out because I had such a good cook at home and I have learned how to cook a bit. When we get food from home it's nice because it reminds us of the good good food we used to eat. Nothing beats mom's food!

I had a good afternoon out in Aberdeen for Easter. We brought out the game of life and we played with my mom, dad and little brother Adam. We didn't play board games a lot growing up, my dad was always on the road and Adam and I were always off to one of our many activities and so I really enjoyed sitting down with my family and playing a game today. My brother lost terribly, the worst score in the history of the game of life according to our own record keeping since we got the game!

I got to visit with my cousin Ryan and his fiance today, they are getting married in September so we chatted for quite awhile about both of our wedding plans. It is very exciting and I'm glad I have people on both sides of my family to share it with. More wedding talk on Sunday! :)


BK said...

In a few paragraphs you touch on wonderful family connections.

Kevin said...

Great to read about connections with your family (echo Bonnie). I think it will be nice for you to talk wedding shop this weekend.
Happy Easter

GirlGriot said...

I agree that nothing beats a mom's cooking. How lucky that both you and Justin have such nice moms! My family was a major board-game family, so it was nice to read about your Life playing ... sorry for Adam's greatest defeat in the history of Life, but I loved that line, as it brought me right back to game-playing with my family!