Slice of life writing challenge - Day 5

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I feel like ripping my hair out like this girl right now trying to get through assignments, life, preparing for the job search, and my headache that just won't go away.
This morning I went to my Prof for help with my paper on writing, and I think I left more confused! The same goes for my other classes, I feel more lost and confused about assignments and expectations then I ever have. Maybe its last term zoning out! I'm trying to stay focused and in touch with it because I know when the end of this month is over I'll be wishing I could go back and live it all over again just to be around the people who mean so much to me on a daily basis even if it feels like I'm never going to make it to the end. Justin is so supportive and he can see at night when I want to rip my hair out- he says "It's all going to work out". I just need to believe him.
My to-do list just keeps getting longer no matter how many items I cross off. I keep reorganizing my priority list and my time line which is wasting work time. Writing in here also takes up reading and essay writing time but I need this writing time because its for me! But my "me time" is up and I must retreat to my chair and curl up with my research books. I would much rather stay here and continue to write numerous entries about nothing and everything. Now I'm just procrastinating.......good bye for now.


Jane said...

Been there! One thing that helps me is the knowledge that time does keep moving and this too will pass.

Juliann in WA said...

Last term - way to go - you are almost done! Hope that headache goes away and maybe just taking that little bit of time to write it out will help

GirlGriot said...

You're almost done, hang in there! Maybe add a nice hot cup of vanilla hazelnut yogi tea to the studying? It's so yummy, it's become a kind of comfort 'food' for me when I'm feeling overworked and stressed.