Slice of life writing challenge - Day 6

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So many SOL stories from today. What a crazy wonderful day it was. I am loving this challenge by the way, I always try and live in the moment and soak it all in to remember and write it down later and lately I just let weeks and weeks pass before I open my journal to write a short recap and I ended up making no sense and not capturing the moment at all, but I feel like I am now. :)

The class I'm going to miss the most in the college of Education is Peter's art class. It is one of my electives this year and the students are essentially teaching the other students different art things to do with students. Unfortunately this idea is limiting and I wish it was more of an exploration of the materials and techniques on our own I enjoy the atmosphere and company. Peter is not the most organized man, and he talks about 3 different things at one time and he usually wears a bow tie. We mentioned to him on Tuesday that some of the boys were wanting to learn how to tie a bow tie for our grad banquet this weekend so he brought a bunch of bow ties in to class today for us to try. We spent most of the class today taking turns and helping each other tie bow ties. The girls did a WAY better job than the boys! I had a blast...I wish I would have had my camera we looked hilarious. It was a great way to start off the day.

I stopped at Walmart on my way back home to buy bottled water for my brother. That place sucks me and and steals my money. I ended up buying a bunch of picture frames, 2 kinds of ice cream (vanilla and chocolate) those strawberry wafer cookies and some more wool! I stayed out of the shoe department or else I would be in really big trouble. Justin was awake when I got home---he is working 2 night shifts this week, last night and tonight. :( I don't like sleeping alone but we got to spend some time together this afternoon grocery shopping and making our to-do list and just cuddling on the couch. He went back to sleep for a couple hours while I attempted to research for my essay then cook a kick butt stir fry. I was going from the frying pan to rice cooker stirring and stir frying, chopping vegetables. I still lack faith in my cooking ability but I'm getting better.

Our adventures continued tonight to the wedding photographer where we gave our deposit. They have a Dalmatian dog. She is adorable! As we were leaving the house I like usually tell Justin that " I want a Dalmatian Dog". He just laughs and says that he is going to start making a list of all the things I "want" and show it to me and it will be a mile long after one week. I do say "I want..." a lot. I don't really necessarily "want" those things, I just think they are nice and would be cool to have and it's almost a game to see where Justin stands on things and other times just to make him laugh or roll his eyes. Like saying I want a limo or a purple house. :) I am very happy with what I have.

Our goal tonight was to look for new living room furniture. Nothing really struck our fancy and seemed a little out of the price range for what we wanted. There is a discount place that we looked at a month ago or so that give us everything couch, love seat and chair, 2 end tables, coffee table and 2 lamps for a GREAT price! They just didn't have the color in the style we wanted at the time. I am loving redecorating this place and making it a home that is ours!

Finally we made one more stop at Walmart for some construction stuff and dish soap which we have forgotten to get for 2 weeks now, and like always I come out of there were more then I need. I am trying to build an at home gym so I picked up some weighted exercise balls. We used them in this class I took and I loved them. As we were leaving I noticed that at the end of the checkout lane was a row of t.v.'s attached to the roof with ads and commercials on them. They even had ads for Walmart on the T.V.---I'm already in your store, why do you need to advertise it?? The best purchase today was the new and improved game of life! You now have a Visa that keeps track of all your earning and all your purchases. You can go down different paths life going to college, or just working or getting married and having kids, or having fun. It is a ton of fun and it is pretty realistic in terms of earning and living and how things affect your life. I can't wait to play it again! But I must sign off and call it a night. My empty bed is calling me to crawl in and read my book: Into the Wild.


Kevin said...

I love that idea of the kids teaching kids in the art class. You sure did have a full day.
And I agree about WMart -- you go in for a candy bar and come out with a DVD player, and then wonder how the heck did that happen.
Thanks for sharing