Slice of life writing challenge- Day 11

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Dear X,

We have not spoken in a long time. I think about you and wonder how you spend your days and I wonder how you get done everything with all the chaos in your life. Maybe you don't see it as chaos but rather just part of the job. I am not jealous of your job but I know many people are thankful for your presence and I know you have many other appointments today so I'll try and make this short.

I am very nervous and worried about the future. I always have been this way and I know things always work out in the end I just don't quite feel the same way this time. I'm juggling so many things and I don't feel like I am putting my best into any of them. I have lost faith in myself. I don't know where to look for it either, is it under my bed, or maybe in my car, or maybe I tucked it in a book I was reading sometime. I was hoping that you could help me find it again, you are the holder of faith.

How does one lose and find faith? Does it come to you in a dream, or in a moment? Does it just slip out of your grasp when you aren't looking. I have faith in so many people and I have so many people who believe in me, I just don't have it for myself. I don't know what you can really do for me, or if I have just wasted your time with my rambling but I like that you are here to talk to, so thanks. Take care, I hope to talk to you more often.

From Ashley