Slice of life writing challenge - Day 29

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Another late post! I have no idea where yesterday went!

Lazy lazy Saturday morning, laying in bed enjoying the sounds of the house creaking as its unthawing from the winter. Justin brings me my Eggo's to bed where I em attempting to write "Morning Pages" in my journal. Breakfast in bed always tastes better. We spend the morning just hanging out--Justin reading Friday's paper and doing the Sudoku puzzle. Our goal today to test dive a car.
We were looking at the Acura TSX which is really out of our price range but Justin really wanted to drive one. When we got to the dealership they had a Acura EL. Black, fully loaded, leather interior, seat warmer :), sun roof!! it was nice. We took it for a spin and both really liked it.
We have a list of 6 different cars we need to narrow it down to just a couple. I know NOTHING about cars! lol Well i know how to drive one but engines and all that stuff---over my head.
After car driving we went my my little cousin Tylers birthday- he was turning 5. It was fun to visit with that part of my family and I love seeing my little cousins. They are just adorable. Tyler was so cute opening his presents he posed with each present after to get his picture taken. He got some awesome toys---all of which required batteries. So Justin and I were opening up all the backs and putting batteries in everything all at once! I also got my first real taste of Guitar hero! My hand hurt after only playing a couple songs but I'm addicted and really want to get my own guitar hero!! :)
At 6:15 Justin and I were late to head out to Allan for his hockey banquet. We sped out to Allan for a really great supper and awards and dancing (not so much dancing though). I was so cold I never took off my jackets and when we got home at midnight I crawled into bed and crashed! I think I'm starting to get sick.


GirlGriot said...

Oh, I hope you're not getting sick, Ashley! I still have a cough lingering from the cold that flattened me two weeks ago, and I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Guitar Hero sounds like fun!