Slice of life writing challenge - Day 17

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A computer animated graffiti wall that blinked AV RIL started the crowd shouting out her name then the stage exploded with punk rock dancers flipping and flying around the stage with a pink flag with a skull and cross bones. Finally the tiny blond girl stepped into the light with a shy little smile and began to rock out into her pink rhinestone microphone.
I sang along to every song and pumped my hand in the air for a straight 80 mins! She sang some good oldies- Complicated, Sk8r Boi, I'm with you and of course the newest punk-pop tunes of Girlfriend, When You're Gone, Best Damn Thing and Hot!
She slowed things down in the middle with some acoustic songs where she sat along the edge of the stage and also played a song on her pink sparkly piano. I won't lie I shed a tear like I do at every concert. Music usually moves me to tears---I don't think I've been to a concert and not cried. When she played "When You're Gone" I went right back to September driving to my internship school and this song was on the radio and I just cranked it and cried all the way there...I felt so alone and missing everyone especially Justin. I know it's silly to say but music always gets me through life. Music and writing! I think i should write music! haha
Avril made a couple costume changes but always maintained a large black wardrobe with lots of sparkles, animal print, x's and skulls and cross bones. She also played a couple songs on her pink sparkly drum set. Things just seemed to appear and disappear on the stage. It was like magic. Her dances also put on a good show. They were a lot of fun and I wished I was up there dancing around to Avril.
The night ended too soon and although my throat and feet were killing me I felt that the stress had been danced away last night. Until the next time Avril and I meet I will turn up her song full blast on the radio and sing my heart out to them and live by my mantra that
"I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen!!!"


Kevin said...

I didn't know she played the drums -- that's pretty neat.
Sounds like a fun time

Blink said...

Your slice was all about sounds and sights. Loved it.

GirlGriot said...

Great slice! My sister and I were concert junkies for a while. I miss that time. Your story really reminded me of how much fun we had. Thanks!