Slice of life writing challenge- Day 16

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Marriage, as a choice, requires choices.
One must choose not once, but every day.
Life offers us a hundred thousand voices,
Yet those we fail to hear fast fade away.
I choose you with all my wounded heart:
Our marriage isn't easy, but our love
Is still the force that shapes my daily life.
I want us to be happy, and will move
Wherever I must be to be your wife.
I'm yours, and I want you to be mine.
We'll find a way our wishes to combine.
Justin and I are making many choices in preparation to our wedding day. The colours, the flowers, the time, the place, what kind of food, what kind of music, the guest list and the list goes on and on and on. Along with the choices we make for our special day we are also making choices for our life together. Where we are going to live, how many kids we want to have, money stuff and so on. Today another choice that had been lurking came to the surface...
At church people from the congregation go to the front and talk about their faith journey with the Church. Today a young woman spoke of her and her husband living a interfaith relationship dividing their time among the united and catholic church. That is the position Justin and I are in. He is Catholic and I am United. Although we have decided to get married in the United church I suggested that we also have a Catholic priest present to do parts of the service. We talked to the lady who spoke after church and she was very helpful in getting us to think about how our own situation can be like theirs with some long and serious talking between Justin and I and members of the church community. I am very open to living in two faiths and learning more about the Catholic church. I think my fear of it comes from my lack of knowledge and the stereotypes I have. I hope that through some research into the practices and having Justin read into the practices of the United Church we can both satisfy our spiritual side. So many questions and I feel like I have no answers right now, I don't know if I will ever have a full answer but I think Justin and I communicate well and I know we will be able to figure out what each person needs and what we need and want together. With each choice we make together we grow closer together.


Kevin said...

It seems to me that open communication can bridge the gap between faiths.
That, and love.

GirlGriot said...

I agree with Kevin about open communication. Sounds as if you and Justin are definitely on the right path!