Car Shopping

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My 93 Cavalier still runs, is pretty good on gas, and still looks half decent if you look past the rust but that car has now become a commuter car for Justin out to the mine instead of his pathfinder which is nice for hauling stuff and fitting three hockey bags in it but not so good on gas. And in about a month or so I'll be driving all over the place for subbing and I need a good commuter car. We have been car shopping all summer, disagreeing on the style of car we both like. I fell in love with the 5 door cars like the caliber and the matrix but Justin was not a fan. I really liked the controls on the steering wheel in the caliber and the cooler in the glove box!!!! But they are cheep and overpopulating our city FAST!! We had a list of possible cars: Jetta, Malibu, Accura all of which would be great cars but we both were not in love with them.
My job for the summer is driving cars and lately I got behind the wheel of a Hyundai Elantra and really loved it. It had heated seats (sweet), volume and station controls on the steering wheel! (AWESOME), lots of storage compartments (YES) and just drove good.

So after the last time we went to a dealership to test drive a car, I really didn't want to go back. The salesman was rude, pushy and well RUDE! I wanted the leave as soon as we sat down with him. But this time was great, Glenn was the best cars salesman I have ever met. Just answered our questions straight up, was not pushy or rude, he was actually funny. So we took the Elantra for a spin and Justin really liked it too.

"Lots of power for a little car" he said smiling as he punched it on the highway.

We sat down with Glen when we got back and told him what we were looking for in one if it came in to give us a call. So hopefully in the next month we will be driving a new car!!