Memoir Monday- No buses day

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Today it was -31 degrees Celsius and with the wind it felt like -41 degrees Celsius. That means the buses to schools don't run, and that is every kids dream during the winder months of school. The bus kids got a movie day at home and for the town kids that came to school to meant a fun gym and computer day.
Growing up I was a town kid- I lived across the street from the school so my mom always make me walk the 50 steps to school even if the buses weren't running and there were only 30 kids in the whole school.
There was one winter when I was in high school that was exceptionally warm for Saskatchewan. In the -30's but no windchill so the buses were still going. Some students were willing to do anything for a no school day because the buses were not running. So one day a few buses didn't run because someone had unplugged them so they wouldn't start. The rest of the week random buses didn't run because they were mysteriously unplugged. (I had nothing to do with the unplugging--just the story I heard in the gossip train).
Unfortunatly this did not result in a full blown no bus day when there was almost no one in school but it did mess up a lot of class schedules because a lot of students were missing.
As a teacher now I not sure how I feel about the snow days----yes it was fun to just hang out, make crafts and play in the gym today but now the whole week is bumped back another day and the weather does not look like its going to be any warmer tomorrow.....please buses run please!!!


Anonymous said...

I love snow days as a teacher because I can get all caught up and clear my desk. But now we have had our second for the month, and it is so close to the holiday that we are constantly being interrupted...I don't need another snow day! And I am at least a week behind where I want to be. I enjoy the crafty clean-up days, but I agree with you: no more! We only had 2 kids in the school yesterday, and you can't do much with 2.