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7:30 am - Babysitting day starts- Bradly and Tyler are awake and ready to play.
9:00 am- Bradly helps Justin put up my paintings
10:00 am- I am still in my PJ's--busy watching cartoons and playing legos with the boys.
10:01 am- "Ashley can we go to the movie store and rent a Wii game?" asked the boys
10:02 am- "You bet, I just need to get dressed and comb my hair and we can get going"
10:03 am- Boys upstairs start a pillow fight
10:03 am- Me downstairs getting ready for the days outings
10:05am- I hear a bang- what did those boys knock over....
10:06 am- Upstairs Bradly is holding his hand up to his mouth- half of his tooth is on the ground, his lip is bleeding
"What happened? Are you ok? Let me see Bradly!" I speak frantically
"Tyler pushed me and I hit my tooth on the floor"
I go grab a wet cloth to clean up the bit of blood on his lip and take a closer look at the tooth- It's half gone, a diagonal chip. A permanent tooth, half gone.
I grab the phone- "Hi Patti, it's Ashley here, we have had a little accident here, Bradly has chipped his tooth, who is your dentist?"
Patti calls to her dentist and then calls me back to say meet her there asap.
The chipped tooth goes in a container with some milk---I hope it can be saved. Two little boys are dressed in their winter coats, boots and hats and stuffed in the car--- off to the dentist.
why did this happen to me? Patti is going to think I'm a terrible babysitter, I...don't know if it can be fixed, I hope it can be fixed, I hope it doesn't cost much....oh crap.
Bradly's lip starts to swell as we wait at the dentist for him to get in.....He is brave, not a tear, not a complaint. Bradly stayed at the dentist with his mom and I took Tyler back to my place to wait---
1:00 doorbell rings- Bradly is back.
His tooth looks as good as new. They somehow reattached the chipped part and put a wire behind it...No chewing on the front tooth for a while and hopefully in a week things look good and the tooth doesn't die on him.
I'm glad he is okay....this is practice for when I have my own children. I know we will be taking them to emergency doctors and dentist appointments, somehow it seems easier when they are your own...I hope I'm not scared as a babysitter....


Stacey from Two Writing Teachers said...

'Tis good practice!

Anonymous said...

How scary! BUT, I think that all kids need a few scars and chipped teeth so they will have something to talk about as adults when they reflect on how much fun childhood was. :) I don't say that to a lot of parents though...especially when I am on yard duty! haha

BK said...

Do you think it will be easier when it's your own kids?