My Stagette

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Last night was my stagette, today I just want to sleep. It was a fun low-key night filled with lots of food, drinks, and girls being girls.

We went salsa dancing in the afternoon and once we figured it out we all had a blast and looked pretty awesome dancing. (I have some blackmail videos lol)

The girls gave me a pretty crown and flower necklace to wear!

We went to my sister in laws and filled ourselfs with pizza and dessert!! So much food, but it was so awesome!!

We then went to this place called Bath Goddess were we spent 2 hours smelling oils to create a new smell to put in a product like body lotion or body mist etc. It was a blast and everyone came away with some awesome new bath stuff.

My friend Chany smelling away!
We spent the rest of the evening hanging out, visiting, playing guitar hero, telling old stories. It was great to have us all together for the night.
Thank you so much girls for EVERYTHING!!! I love you all.