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Today I started another scrapbooking project- Stories In Hand.

I put together the skeleton of the book today and I'm hoping it helps me in finding those stories of my life because I'm having a really hard time writing...

Tomorrow I hope to catch up on my "Scrap your Day" project---I'm 2 months behind and if I don't catch up I'll be 4 months behind and it will be the new year.....

I'm also creating a scrapbook of the dress shopping adventures from wedding planning. I have the bridesmaids dress shopping pages almost done. I still have all my dresses to scrapbook and the process of the making of my dress--7 weeks to go and I'm still waiting on half on the lace. I hope it comes this weekend!! *fingers crossed*
Wish me luck in my scrapbooking adventures ----I feel a mess of paper, stickers and glue dots coming on!!


Cain said...

I'm really excited to see your scrapbook of dress shopping adventures.