Memoir Mondays - Leaf Angels

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Summer is over for another year, the sun setting earlier and earlier, the heat of the day is gone. As the summer ends and fall begins and the leaves begin to change color I think back to memories of early fall and routines at school. Every year we had our practice fire drill for the whole school to practice how to exit the school safely if there ever was a fire. Somehow in high school we stopped following the rules of lining up single file outside and waiting until we were able to go back inside.

We were in grade 12 and we exited the front of the school to the ditch across the street. The large trees had lost most of their leaves so the grass was covered in a beautiful gold colored leaves. My two girl-friends and I had an idea while we waited impaitently to return inside. We were going to make leaf angels. So we laid down on the layer of leaves and swished our legs and arms to create an angel pattern in the leaves just like you would do in the snow. Someone had a camera on them and captured the process and the finished product. Unfortunatly the wind blew the leaves and our angels were ruined. We had created something beautiful----I can't wait till more leaves fall off the trees this year so I can make leaf angels in my front yard.


Juliann in WA said...

I grew up in Arizona so no leaves for me. But our girls were able to do this over the years when we moved to the Pacific Northwest where there are lots of leaves in the fall. Great memory.

BK said...

What a perfect memoir, just enough words and great images from the past. A wow!

snowflakes said...

NO LEAVES!! I couldn't imagine! I love the change of the seasons.

Stacey: Two Writing Teachers said...

Awesome photos to go with wondrous words.