Art Deck Creations

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I don't always allow myself to be the artist I want to be. Sometimes I feel like my art is not apprciated, by myself and others. I also have fears about my art not being good enough. But in creating art I feel whole, at peace, centered. So after watching from afar for 10 weeks I decided to join WASSIMA ART DECK CHALLENGE hosted by these lovley ladies at Creative Chaos and Dream Big.
I pulled out the paint, papers, stickers and pens and worked hard this weekend to catch myself up to week 11. I got to week 10.Thanks ladies for this wonderful challenge that has brought art back into my life for fun.
Here are pictures of my cards


Sooz said...

Hello!! Welcome to our ART DECK JOURNAL challenge. It's fun creating on these mini canvases, don't you think? Thanks for joining in!

snowflakes said...

Thank you! I love creating on these mini canvases!