Memoir Monday- Grasshopper Invasion

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This past summer was unlike most Saskatchewan summers. It was virtually "bug" free. The mosquito population was down, we had a few flies in our house and the wasps were out for a bit but other then that it was a pleasant summer for "bugs". A while back one summer we weren't invaded by flies, misquotes or wasps, when you went outside you had to be careful about the invasion of grasshoppers that had taken over!
While the grasshopper didn't really harm you they did destroy gardens and fields that summer and were an annoyance when ever you walked outside. Walking through the grass on my front yard each step caused the grasshoppers to jump creating a wall of grasshoppers to walk into which usually creating screaming, running and hands flying which caused the grasshoppers to jump more.
They weren't just in the grass though. The grasshoppers took over the highway. The highways looked spotted with black dots as you drove along with dead and still living ready to jump "hoppers". The 27km drive to the city sounded like you were driving in a hail storm with all the grasshoppers that were jumping and smashing into the front of the car and on the windshield. Everyones car was a tint of green that summer.
I got out one day to capture them on film. Interesting little creatures. I hope we never have another invasion again though.


BK said...

Too much of a good thing. When I first started reading I was remembering my summer love of the grasshoppers around us, but there were never too many, but too much...

GirlGriot said...

Oooh, not a big fan of the grasshoppers, me! I hope we never have an invasion here! It's so curious when things like that happen though, isn't it? You have to wonder what's the trigger, why one year and not another? I love that you took pictures to capture the invasion!

Stacey: Two Writing Teachers said...

The layout really enhances the writing. :)