Memoir Mondays #1- Now and Then Friendship

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We have known each other since diapers, and plan on becoming old ladies together who go for coffee everyday and talk about the old days. We have shared a million memories in our short 21 years and I know more are to come.

Dallas was like the sister I never had. We shared everything, clothes, secrets, lip gloss and boys! :P How that sneaky boy got between us momentarily I'll never know (but that's a whole other story). Through all the high school drama, and the life now after with jobs and responsibilities she is still the first person I call to share any kind of news. We spent many hours on the phone talking a mile a minute or in each others bedrooms painting nails and combing each others hair. Telling each other the latest on our crush, or complaining about the teachers at school. Our friendship was strong, and we may not have always agreed on everything but we never really fought about anything. We were there for each other through and through.

Dallas moved almost next door to me, there is a house in between us. You could see us running back and forth our neighbors lawn all summer long getting cookies, watching movies, riding bikes and playing basketball. Life was very simple back then.

There are so many memories from dance competition and taping up Stephanie too tight, girl guide camp, Dallas getting hit in the head by a hockey puck, graduation, and spice-girl imitations, birthday pub-crawls and so many more.

Dallas was there when I first met Justin at the Poker Tournament, and she was the first person I called after Justin and I had our first date, and our first kiss. I am very excited to have her stand beside me on my wedding day to be my Maid of Honor.
This is my friend Dallas, trailer trash, sporty spice, dancer! I love you dear!


BK said...

Great photos to end the piece with. And I love the details you select to make your friendship authentic. You are lucky! Do everything you can to hold on to her.

Stacey from Two Writing Teachers said...

I agree with the sentiments Bonnie expressed.ogeywy

GirlGriot said...

So nice. It's such a special thing to have friends who know you so well. You and Dallas are lucky-lucky!

('Dallas' is the name of the main character in the book I'm reading with my class. I can't wait to tell them I've just heard of a 'real' Dallas ... they don't believe it's a name any real person would have!)